Is There a Hairstyle That Will Encourage My Natural Wave?

"I would love it if the wave would consume more of my hair."
Bill Angst
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"I would love it if the wave would consume more of my hair."
Reader hair consultation - Alicia

Alicia's hair is wavy underneath, but almost straight on top.

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Q: Hi, my name is Alicia and I need some hair advice!  I am 24 years old and about 5 feet 3 inches tall.  I've been dyeing my hair for 10 years now so I can only assume what my natural hair colour might be. Judging by my grow-out I would guess it's dirty blonde. It's pretty thick, with a combination of really wavy underneath, and almost straight on the top portion of my head. 

I would love it if the wave would consume more of my hair—maybe you can suggest a cut that may promote the top to be more wavy?  The ends are prone to frizziness, which may just be a result of damage.

Thank you for offering this great advice! — Alicia

A: Alicia, I really dig your capability to do extreme changes with your hair. I am not sure which colour you are currently sporting but here are my conclusions for three style options.

A short blonde cut will eliminate the wave completely and leave you with a longer, straight top:

Elisha Cuthburt - short hair

Elisha Cuthburt with short hair.

I feel this would frame your face beautifully. With your thick hair, you would need to do a lot of thinning of the ends for this one.

A longer option with bangs:

Shoulder length golden brown hair

Shoulder-length golden brown hair.

You need to get more movement in the side-swept bang. To blend into the curl, leave the hair longer. Then thin out the top section; this will help bring out the bit of wave and will lighten it up to swish across your forehead with ease. Thinning causes the long hair to curl over the shorter hair—that is the theory as to why it can create more movement.

If your hair is dark, I would like to see it shorter and cut back a bit farther from your face to see more of it:

Rachel McAdams - brunette hair

Rachel McAdams with layered dark brown hair.

Again, the bangs should be a bit longer, but with this cut you want all of the ends blunt. Then notch a series of small pieces cut 1.5-inch from the ends—no thinning, only chopping small, blunt pieces. I think a curling iron or wand would be your best bet for a styling tool.


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