What Should I Do With My Grown-Out Bangs?

"Can you help me find the perfect new look for my new life?"
Bill Angst
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"Can you help me find the perfect new look for my new life?"
Hair consultation - Dallas

Dallas wants a change after letting her Ombré and bangs grow out.

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Q: Hi Michelle and Bill. First of all, Michelle, what an amazing feature idea! Thank you so much for bringing Bill's mad skills to your blog.

Secondly, Bill, I am so excited to submit my photos to you, in the hope that you might be able to help me. Basically, I've got growing-out pains. I'm currently dealing with grown-out Ombré hair. I had it coloured back in the spring and the colour grew out quite nicely. A few haircuts later, however, and my Ombré is almost gone. As much as I loved this colour treatment, it feels too summery for winter and I am desperate for a new colour. I'm growing out my bangs, too, which has left me with a slightly annoying large amount of shorter hair around my face that looks awkward no matter what I do.

I also recently moved to a new city and would love a brand new look to help me settle into this new life. I'm not afraid to be bold with colour, and would comfortably go very light or quite dark, or even bright. I'd like to keep it more on the long side, but am open to any suggestions in terms of style.

My hair is naturally straight with a mild wave and medium thickness but with a fine texture. My former stylist told me it was very healthy and it's pretty manageable styling-wise, so I don't have many concerns in terms of its condition (e.g. dryness, etc).

So, what do you say, Bill? Can you help me find the perfect new look for my new life? — Dallas

A: Dallas, what a lovely note...

It is time to make the bang a feature of your style.

You are at a turning point in growing your bangs out and redistributing the weight of them is the way to go. How you part your hair makes all the difference when going through the growing process.

Start with a low side part in the front and work to the crown. Once the part has been found I would suggest layering the ends to make them wispy and a bit shorter.

Thin the ends of the bang as well to make them similar to the ends of your length so there will be fluidity. This will aid you in having a versatile hairstyle to wear these three different styling options:

Emma Watson - long hair

Emma Watson with long hair.

Jennifer Garner - side bangs

Jennifer Garner's side bangs.

Cameron Diaz side bangs

Cameron Diaz's side bangs.

I like Cameron's highlight placement for your new style, adding chocolate lowlights as the darker colour and the highlight should be the lightest colour you currently have.

Don't be afraid of fullness—a little teasing goes a long way in supporting a style. I hope this helps!


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