Beauty Editor Named a "Best Canadian Beauty Blog" By FLARE Magazine

We're in great company.
Michelle Villett
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We're in great company.

Oh look! We're on page one!

FLARE Best Canadian beauty blogs

FLARE magazine just came out with their list of the 10 best Canadian beauty blogs—so hopefully you don't mind a bit of shameless self-promotion today, since I'm totally stoked to be included!

Definitely head on over to check out the full list, which includes some of my faves too: Beautezine (great in-depth product reviews), Glitter Geek (wicked makeup pics), The Burgundy Book (Rema has personality PLUS) and of course Lipstick Powder N Paint (who I think was the original Canadian to get into this whole beauty blogging thing in the first place!).

Tell me:

Who are YOUR fave beauty bloggers?
What do you look for in a beauty blog?
Anything you want us to do/not do here at BEAUTY EDITOR? Feedback time—hit me up!