Q: How Do I Figure Out Which Hairstyle Will Suit Me?

Consider hair type, lifestyle and body proportions.
Michelle Villett
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Consider hair type, lifestyle and body proportions.
Lucette van Beek

Q: How do I figure out what haircut/style will suit me? — Katherine

A: It's all about being practical, what kind of lifestyle you have and blending your lifestyle with your looks.

It's also about body proportions.

If you have a long upper body, with a larger chest and wide shoulders, you need longer hair so everything goes curvy and your whole body and style blends together.

Bar Refaeli - long hair

If you have a short upper body, then your hair shouldn't be too long, because it will make you look shorter.

Nicole Richie - bronde mid-length hair

Another consideration is that if you have a long face, we have to create a fringe so that it softens the length of your face with long layers.

Molly Sims - bangs

If you have a round face, I would leave the sides of your hair longer than your face, to elongate.

Kate Bosworth round face

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