Look, You Guys! I Made a Radical Hair Change

LuxHair gives you a brand new look without the commitment.
Michelle Villett
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LuxHair gives you a brand new look without the commitment.
Luxhair - Wow Modern Bob

Do you like it?

I was getting bored with the long hair, and the strawberry blonde! So I thought I'd try something different for a change. REALLY different. As in a modern, medium brown-coloured bob kind of different.

And gosh, I also cheated on two of the most important men in my life (Bill Angst and Tony Chaar) to do it.

But you know what? I don't think they'll be upset...

Because—APRIL FOOL'S!—it's just a wig.

I know. I'm kind of obsessed with it actually. It's from a company called LuxHair, and they've just come out with a brand new line of affordable and fashion-forward wigs (as well as add-on hair pieces and extensions).

There are three celebrity collections to choose from, and my wig—called the Modern Bob—is from the "Wow" line, repped by Daisy Fuentes. Here it is in a different colour on a model:

Luxhair - Wow Modern Bob - auburn

I love it because there is no way my hair, if I actually cut it like this, would EVER actually fall into the style properly. It's just not thick enough to produce such gloriously full, straight bangs—that also, I'll have you note, don't separate from cowlicks or stick together from the sweat on your forehead. (Sorry to get graphic, but it's true.) If you've ever battled with misbehaving bangs, then you've gotta try one of these on to understand the amazingness.

It's not made from real hair, of course (the price point is about $130) but you really can't tell because they treat the synthetic fibres with something called Keralon Plus, a keratin coating that gives it the same lightweight, silky feel as natural human hair. For reals.

I think I'm going to start wearing it around randomly just to mess with people.

There are tons more "cuts" and colours to choose from, of course. The Daisy line is my fave (you can check out all the other styles here), but there is also the "How" collection, repped by Tabatha Coffey. Her wigs are slightly more expensive and they seem a little edgier, maybe... this is the style I chose from that range:

Luxhair - How Lace Front Smooth Bob

Eeks! It's the Lace Front Smooth Shag, and it's VERY platinum blonde. I love it, but as you can see, this colour just ain't for me. (Why oh why was I so blonderexic for so many years?? I shudder now.) You can really see the difference when you compare this colour versus the brown at the top—the blonde is making my skin tone look way too pink and blotchy.

(Although, side note: it actually IS quite pink and blotchy right now, so if you detected a slight Eagle situation, you'd be correct. For the next eight weeks I'm testing the new Skin Rejuvenating Laser from Tria... and let's just say I think it's gonna do what they say. It makes your skin so red that they tell you to use it at night so it has time to subside before morning. So basically I'm walking around with what looks like a sunburn for the next two months. Anything for beauty, right?)

But back to hair. The price point on this shag one is about $180.

Luxhair - How Lace Front Smooth Bob - blonde

You can check out the rest of Tabatha's "cuts" here. (I also like the long, straight one, but OMG when I tried it on I looked like Axl Rose with bangs.)

And now the final collection, which is called "Now" and fronted by Sherri Shepherd. It's definitely the most Beyoncé-esque... this style is called Lace Front Goddess waves:

Luxhair Now Lace Front Goddess Waves

Yowza! The colour is much better for me, but I don't think I could do this in real life—it's about quadruple my normal amount of hair, and since my wardrobe consists mainly of jeans 'n T-shirts, it doesn't quite go with my "lifestyle." But if you're the kind of person who can pull off über-glam, then you will love!

Also note: if you look closely at the pic above, you can see a bit of the plastic edge around my temples. I think it's just picking up the light of the camera because you seriously couldn't notice it otherwise.

Luxhair Now Lace Front Goddess Waves - blonde

The Sherri line is a slightly less expensive—this wig is about $89—and you can see the other styles and colours here.

Fun, right? I don't know if you've ever considered adding a wig to your beauty arsenal... but given these très affordable price points AND how much I adore my new brown bob, I say you might wanna consider it! It's a great way to change things up without taking the radical step of colouring or cutting off all your hair—or doing potentially damaging hair extensions, which I'm not really a fan of regardless. A wig is also a fab way to test-drive different colours and styles that you're thinking about before you make the big commitment.

In Canada, you can find the LuxHair collection at Chatters stores.

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Have you ever worn a wig?
What do you think of LuxHair's new line?
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