Thandie Newton's Hot Pink Lips Make Her Whole Look Pop

Do YOU choose your outfit based on your makeup?
Michelle Villett
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Do YOU choose your outfit based on your makeup?
Thandie Newton - Rogue premiere, Los Angeles, March 2013

Fuchsia lipstick is nothing new on this blog, as those of you who've been longtime readers well know. (Heart you guys!) Natalie Portman, in fact, was the one who first got me into it. (Listen to me, talking like we're best buds.) Also this shot of Lucy Liu.

Anyway, along came the Tangerine Tango craze and it was all about orange for a while... and then last year red started happening for spring even though it's normally a winter colour, and somewhere in the middle of all of this I had a lengthy nude-lip phase where I didn't feel like wearing lipstick at all.

Now things have come full circle and I am totally on board with pink again. Hot pink. Like what I wore to show you this nifty little lip-lining trick. And the new Pari Beauty shade that I'm wearing all the time lately—and not just because you guys get to come up with the name for it! (Have you submitted your ideas yet? Besides naming rights you can win $250 in makeup!)

And especially the shade I just spotted on the gorgeous Thandie Newton at the LA premiere of Rogue:

Thandie Newton - Rogue premiere, Los Angeles, March 2013

Is this incredible or what? It's a ballsy choice of pink, for sure—super-bright and sort of magenta—and the finish has that slight '80s iridescent factor that I've been telling you to prepare yourselves for. Oh yes, it's a-comin' back.

Obviously, Thandie did everything right in terms of how to wear it, with beautiful skin, the softest flush on the cheeks, and just a tiny hint of sparkly liner around the eyes (but not enough to fight with the lip). I don't think she needed the pink on the earrings, but oh well.

Anyway, what I think is even more interesting about this, besides the fact that it's fueling my current fuchsia obsession, is that the pink lip IS the outfit. Lookie here:

Thandie Newton - Rogue premiere, Los Angeles, March 2013

Super-plain, understated black (although with a metallic clutch and shoes). It's closer to the kind of outfit normal people like us, without stylists, would wear... since everything matches and you don't have to think too hard about coordinating patterns and prints and colours and all of that jazz that completely stresses me out.

The thing is, though, that it's the lip—the LIP!—that takes it to the next level. With a nude lip or a red lip it would be totally boring and conservative. Even orange doesn't have the quirkiness of a hot pink, know what I mean?

So clearly this is a major win for beauty. It used to be that you'd figure out your outfit based on a great top, or pair of sandals. Now we can claim that people like Thandie are wardrobing themselves lips first! What a concept.

I think I'm going to make a concerted effort to do this myself more often. Usually, I get dressed first, then do makeup... and then I end up not actually wearing all the cool makeup shades I write about because they may not go with my outfit. Duh! If I reverse the process—makeup first, then clothing—my face will probably become 200 percent more interesting. Ha!

What do you think?

Are you a fan of Thandie's lip look?
Are you with me on feeling hot pink lately (not orange or red)?
Do you base your makeup around your outfit... and WILL YOU CHANGE NOW?!?