Be 1 of 20 Testers For Dove Colour Care!

It’s what I'm using to keep MY colour fresh!
Michelle Villett
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It’s what I'm using to keep MY colour fresh!
beautyeditor plus Dove

UPDATE: This opportunity is now closed. Thanks to everyone who applied!

If you've been following along on Instagram lately (you do follow beautyeditor on Instagram, don't you?), then you're probably wondering why I've taken to posting a bunch of selfies and talking incessantly about my hair colour.

No, I haven't become a raging narcissist.

But even still, I'm not going to be shy here—I have to admit my colour DOES look pretty great these days.

Why's that, you ask? Well, it's half down to the amazingly talented Toronto-based colourist Tony Chaar, who does my strawberry blonde base 'n' highlights combo that fools just about everyone I meet into thinking it's natural. (Toldja! He's majorly skilled.)

But I wouldn't get compliments galore if I wasn't also taking good care of it with the right products. (Dry, damaged, faded colour is always a beauty don't.)

So that's where Dove Hair comes in. You already know I'm a super-fan of their incredible Dry Shampoo. Now, I'm excited to announce that I'm working with them as an ambassador for their brand new Colour Care range, a new line of hair care products designed to nourish hair and keep colour vibrant for up to 8 weeks.

Dove Colour Care collection

Can you say match made in heaven?

I am probably the most hair colour-obsessed beauty blogger on the planet—and as you probably know, red is one of the toughest shades to keep from fading.

My problem with many colour-care lines, though, is that they're way too moisturizing for my fine, straight hair. In other words, I turn into an oil slick in T minus 24 hours post-washing.

The Dove Hair line is EASILY the most lightweight colour range I've ever tried. It consists of a low-sulfate Shampoo (yay!), Conditioner, Daily Treatment Conditioner and Leave-On Conditioner. So many conditioning options! I alternate between all three, and happily, none of them have been too heavy—but they still leave my hair smooth and soft.

I'm also SO down with Dove as a brand. You know, the whole "real beauty" thing—where it's all about, in this case, how great hair colour makes you FEEL. Here's a cute vid that shows what I mean:

Nice, right?

You can see how my 8-week Dove Colour Care test went on Instagram, but now the best part...

Be a Dove Colour Care tester!

We're giving 20 lucky Canadian readers the chance to test-drive the full Dove Colour Care range!

Each testing pack is valued at approximately $40 and includes the Colour Care Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment Conditioner and Leave-On Conditioner.

To apply, all you have to do is complete this short entry form!

I hope you love this stuff as much as I do!

beautyeditor plus Dove

[legal]Thanks to Dove® Colour Care, our Prize Sponsor who has provided prizes and purchased media. This opportunity is open to residents of Canada. The first interested 20 visitors with recently coloured hair will receive the Colour Care Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment Conditioner and Leave-On Conditioner. If you are selected to participate, we would love to hear from you after four weeks of testing to see how the products are working for you. Please note that Unilever may wish to quote your reviews for these products in future advertising campaigns and by participating in this program, you agree to allow your review to be used (in part or in whole) in TV, digital, print or outdoor advertising.[/legal]