Meet Our Herbal Essences "Yes, Yes, Yes" Winner

Grace embodies what Herbal Essences is all about.
Michelle Villett
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Grace embodies what Herbal Essences is all about.
beautyeditor plus Herbal Essences

Remember how Beauty Editor teamed up with Herbal Essences last month to find the next "Yes, Yes, Yes" woman?

(And all to celebrate the re-introduction of these two classic Herbal Essences collections from the 1990s?)

Herbal Essences - Shine and Smooth

WELL. You guys rock, because the entries totally made us LOL. (And I never even use that "term.") I've gotta share a few of my faves:

  • From Anastasia"Because that scene in When Harry Met Sally was based on me!"
  • From Jo-Anne: "I say 'yes, yes, yes' to all three of my kids… but only 'yes, yes, YES!' to my husband."
  • From Lizzi: "I have a hair obsession and when I [say] obsession, I don’t mean that I collect locks from my friends or anything. Simply put, I love my hair.... My hair must feel awesome after I get out of the shower and there is no sense in curling it or straightening it because I am just going to twist it through my fingers all day long anyway. I once had a teacher tell me that if I continued to play with my hair that I would go bald. Still not bald. Winning!"

See? These are quality comments. Slow clap.

But after much deliberation, there was ONE reader who really stood out for embodying the true spirit of the "Yes, Yes, Yes" woman. Here's what she wrote:

"I’m a walking Herbal Essence by day and night.

  • Hair
  • Equals
  • Real
  • Beauty
  • And
  • Life

My hair defines me. It is true what they say, a bad hair day leaves a girl having a bad day. However, after a nice wash using the [Herbal Essences Touchably Smooth collection, with an infusion of] pink lily and Asian silk, it leaves me feeling in style and gorgeous! When I feel good because I look good, nothing gets in my way to tackle a challenging day at work or a tough boot camp at the gym!"

COSIGN on that. So now I'm thrilled to introduce you to the woman behind the words, Grace from Hamilton, Ont.! Are you ready for her jelly?

Grace - Herbal Essences

Doesn't she look like fun?! I feel like you can totally tell from her photo. Now, Grace and I had a phone chat after she was selected as our winner—and I can ALSO tell you, she's totally Herbal Essences. Not because she shouts "Yes, Yes, Yes!" from the shower while washing her hair (well, maybe she does—I don't know!) but because she understands the real reason that hair is important. Which is because... drumroll, please... when you look good, you feel good!

I'll let her tell you in her own words:

"Some women want big eyes or pouty lips. For me it's hair! I went through a tough time a few years ago where I lost a lot of hair and had a really short haircut. All I wanted was to have long hair again. Once it started growing, I felt much more complete. Having great hair is definitely part of who I am. When I have a good hair day, I feel more confident! It helps me overcome challenges at work and changes how I speak to my boss and my staff."

Grace - Herbal Essences

"When my hair smells good, it also puts me in a great mood. I love floral scents! My coworkers will often walk by and make a comment [about how nice my hair smells]. I've been with my boyfriend for a few years now and to this day, I like the fact that he loves smelling my hair. Whenever he gives me a kiss on the head or on my forehead, he always takes a sniff of my hair."

Awww. She even has a hair tip to share with you guys! "After shampooing, I rinse and then shampoo again but with a mixture of shampoo AND conditioner. I did it mistakenly one time and discovered it adds more volume and bounce around the roots. It makes it very fluffy!"

Who wouldda thought!? I'm totally gonna try that. Another thing that impressed us about Grace was the fact that she says yes (yes, yes!) to trying new things—both in hair and in life.

"I love hair tips and am always looking up different hairdos or taking advice from friends. I get really excited about fashion too—I work in the retail industry and my style is bold but classy. I like to add a pop of colour with accessories. I also love nutrition. I look at a lot of YouTube videos for tricks on what to do... I say yes to healthy eating!"

That said, she's not above a little showing off! (What did I tell you? Totally Herbal Essences.) "I commute about two to three hours each day and I constantly listen to the radio. When there's a great song that comes on, I'm belting it out. I flip my hair too—I want other people to see how awesome it looks!"

I love it!

Grace received a full year's worth of Herbal Essences hair products, including the re-introduced Shine and Smooth collections, plus a hair consultation with the amazing Charles Baker Strahan, celebrity stylist for Herbal Essences. Grace was looking for ways to add more volume to her hair, so Charles recommended:

  • Trimming just a couple inches off the bottom of her hair (in a blunt line) and growing out the layers—this will give it more structure and volume.
  • Switching up her part from the side to the middle—this will create more volume and help stressed-out cuticles recover from over-styling.
  • Using the Shine or Smooth collections daily, and then the Honey, I'm Strong or Hydralicious collections once a week—for extra nourishment.
  • Applying a golf ball-sized amount of the Body Envy Mousse to very wet hair, concentrated at the scalp, before styling—it will give control and great volume.
  • Adding Velcro rollers to the top of her hair after blow-drying—they will help keep the volume.

Great tips—I'm so excited for her!

beautyeditor plus Herbal Essences

Tell me:

Have you tried any Herbal Essences products?
How would you describe the spirit of the Herbal Essences woman?
How does a good hair day make YOU feel?