Look! Jennifer Lawrence Cut Her Hair Into a Long, Wavy Bob

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Michelle Villett
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What do you think?
Jennifer Lawrence - GLAAD Media Awards, April 2013

Breaking beauty news: Jennifer Lawrence got a haircut this weekend. A lob! (Long bob.) And it wasn't even for a role, either.

Harper's Bazaar reports that an hour before the GLAAD Awards in LA on Saturday night, she told her go-to hairstylist Mark Townsend, "Mark, I want to cut it all off."

Mark: "What? Are we allowed to do that?" J-Law: "Of course, it's my hair!"

Apparently he was pretty freaked out...

Mark Townsend Jennifer Lawrence haircut Tweet


Mark Townsend cut finger

But the result? So gorge.

Jennifer Lawrence and Mark Townsend

I'm not surprised it turned out so awesome, because Mark, if you'll recall, does pretty much all the  young Hollywood A-list right now. (Lea Michele, Amy Adams, Jessica Biel, Rachel McAdams, all of the Olsen sisters....) Majorly talented. He's also the guy who taught me about dry shampoo. I mean, properly taught me—that it's not just for dirty hair but, like, everything.

Anyway, for his star client's new cut, he didn't do the Victoria Beckham asymmetrical thing (shorter in the back, longer in the front). I've never been into that style myself. Instead, Jen wanted lots of face-framing, choppy layers—which really bring out her natural wavy texture—so he did more of a shag cut instead. Bonus: While so many celebs, like Julianne Hough and Olivia Wilde, are using curling tongs to get the wavy lob look, Jennifer won't even need to.

Just to re-cap where she's coming from, here's Jen with long hair at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in February:

Jennifer Lawrence - Santa Barbara International Film Festival, February 2013

And now the new chop!

Jennifer Lawrence - GLAAD Media Awards, April 2013

Our girl's all growed up!

I love this new length and think it really lightens up her look—since she had a LOT of hair—but the only thing I'm questioning is the bangs. I think I would've preferred them longer... but I'll reserve judgement until we get to see more pics of this new style.

Thoughts? Tell me...

Are you a fan of Jen's new look?
Or do you prefer her with longer locks?
What do you think of the lob hairstyle in general?