Gwyneth Paltrow is People Magazine's "Most Beautiful" Woman

Here's who else made the cut...
Michelle Villett
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Here's who else made the cut...
Gwyneth Paltrow - The Tracy Anderson Method Pregnancy Project, October 2012

People magazine has just named GOOPy—I mean Gwyneth Paltrow—the most beautiful woman in the world in their annual "Most Beautiful" issue, giving those that participated in this poll just one more reason to hate. (Hardly fair, really, that a convicted felon is further down on the list.)

Anyway, Little Miss Perfect is all "oh shucks" in the interview, saying she's a down-to-earth, jeans 'n' T-shirt kind of gal who doesn't wear makeup. Her beauty secret? The Tracy Anderson method. "It makes me look younger and feel strong." Now, I'm kind of torn here. She's got a rockin' bod for sure... but I can't help but wonder if she'd look better in the face if she stopped over-exercising. I picked a flattering shot for this story, but there are many where she just looks... stressed and gaunt. Know what I mean?

Here's who else is on the list...

Kerry Washington - W Magazine Pre-Golden Globes Party, January 2013

Kerry Washington is a no-brainer for this issue, since the Django beauty rocked up on pretty much every red carpet in the last six months, nailing it every single time. Key career move: the straight but tousled lob with the bangs! I swear it's her Life Cut. But cringey quote alert here: "I don't have to be perfect. All I have to do is show up and enjoy the messy, imperfect journey of my life." (From a convo with Oprah, so why am I surprised.)

Amanda Seyfried - BAFTA Award Season Tea Party, January 2013

I would probably give my right arm to look like Amanda Seyfried, so for straight looks alone, she's my number one here. It's because I love those alien-esque eyes (Australian model Gemma Ward has 'em too) and as a hair colour obsessive, I've been supremely jealous ever since Harry Josh told me she's pretty much the only celeb in Hollywood whose hue is completely natural. Can you believe?! Also, I dig her quote to People: "I want something different about me. I'd rather not be ordinary looking." THANK YOU.

Zooey Deschanel - Emmy Award Performer Nominee Reception, September 2012

Zooey Deschanel is one of those lucky people who figured out the style that suits her early on, and has stuck to it faithfully ever since. She just wouldn't be Zooey without the dark hair, the played-up lashes, the quirky outfits and of course, the bangs. It's all about the bangs. Here's what she told the mag: "I can try to look like other people if I'm playing a role, but I like to serve my own sense of what I think is beautiful. You have to be true to yourself." Coming from a magazine background where we're chasing after new trends every season, that's a sentiment I can really respect. (And I wish I had that innate sense of my own signature style...)

Jane Fonda - The Newsroom Season 1 Premiere, June 2012

Here's Jane Fonda, age 75, who says her beauty secrets are "good genes and a lot of money." I don't know about this—on the one hand it's nice to see that she didn't go all Joan Rivers on us with surgeries, but I'm not so sure I want to hold her up as a paragon of what a 75-year-old should look like. To me, her skin texture looks like she's been a smoker or sunbather. And I'd love to see her with more modern-looking hair and accessories.

Jennifer Lawrence - Academy Awards Luncheon, February 2013

Obviously Jennifer Lawrence—America's new sweetheart—is on the list, and I kind of compare her to Jennifer Aniston (but better). Neither are what I'd call conventionally beautiful, but they are SO attractive. J-Law especially, because she has the gift of making us believe she's genuine, you know? Hopefully she stays that way. This quote, at least, is promising: "I knew that if I was going to be naked in front of the world [for X-Men: First Class], I wanted to look like a woman and not a prepubescent 13-year-old boy. I'm so sick of people thinking that's what [women are] supposed to look like." Same here.

Kelly Rowland - Roc Nation Pre-Grammy Brunch, February 2013

Doesn't Kelly Rowland look great here? I'm into this super-shiny hairstyle and VERY into the blush, which echoes the colour of her lips. She's glowing! "Embrace everything that you are as a woman, even your flaws, too," is what she told People. I can get behind that, I guess—it really comes back to the Life Cut philosophy, which is that you need to find a hairdo that works with your natural texture, instead of always fighting it.

Halle Berry - The Call premiere, March 2013

Is it just me or is Halle Berry on this list every year? And every year, she pretty much looks... the same. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying she isn't gorgeousness personified, but Halle gives me beauty boredom. She just never does anything interesting. In her interview with People, she said her short hair doesn't define her—"it's just an accessory that I get to wear, like a handbag or shoes"—but I beg to differ. At the very least she could mix it up once in a while by slicking it back, or parting it on one side... or even just doing something new with her makeup, like a pink lip! C'mon Halle. Work with us.

Drew Barrymore - FABB West Opening Night Cocktail Party, April 2013

New mom Drew Barrymore says "happiness is the best makeup any woman can wear." Super-cheesy, but it's so true, and I think as women we always forget this. We get so caught up in whatever stressful things are on our to-do lists, and run around taking care of everyone but ourselves, and then think snapping up a new lipstick or nail polish is the answer to beauty. Meanwhile, just taking the time out to make yourself happy is the greatest beauty trick ever. (And smiling! It's my Samantha Brick theory, remember?) Thanks for the reminder, Drew.

Pink - Happy Feet Two premiere, November 2011

Didn't expect to see Pink on this list. But you know what? Perhaps she's the most deserving of all. Read this quote and then tell me if it's not the most refreshing thing you've heard from a celebrity in, well, forever? "[I've had people tell me from day one] ''You're never going to get magazine covers because you are not pretty enough.' I'm totally comfortable with that. I know my strong points: I work hard, I have talent, I'm funny and I'm a good person." OMG, new fan right here.

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