The Hair Turbans at Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2013

Bright fabrics and messy chignons.
Michelle Villett
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Bright fabrics and messy chignons.
Marc by Marc Jacobs - Spring 2013 hair

The look:

"This is a very easy, simple hairstyle. We wrapped these bright fabrics around the head, and then pinned the hair up into a very messy chignon. It feels very young, lighthearted and nonchalant. It's a mix of inspiration from the '70s and '80s and almost has a punky feel to it."—Guido, creative consultant for Redken.

Marc by Marc Jacobs - Spring 2013 hair - back

The how-to:

1. Start with damp hair. Spray Redken Guts 10 Root Targeted Spray Foam throughout—this will give it some texture and ensure that when it's pinned up, it will stay.

2. Rough-dry your hair, brushing straight back with a boar-bristle brush.

3. Wrap a patterned fabric headband around your head, tying it at the nape of the neck.

4. Gather your hair into a loose ponytail and secure with an elastic, four inches from the ends of the hair.

5. Fold the loose ponytail up into a messy chignon and pin with open fasteners.

6. Mist the entire style with Redken Fashion Work 12 Versatile Working Spray.