Should I Change My Hair Colour From Brown to Red?

"I'm getting married, so I'd like to try something a little different."
Bill Angst
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"I'm getting married, so I'd like to try something a little different."
Hair consultation - Emily

Emily's hair is thick and heavy, with a faded brown colour.

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Q: I'm getting married soon and am in need of a new 'do. I need help with my colour, cut and style.

My hair texture... where to start?! My hair is straight in the back and wavy in the front. It's fine, but I have a lot of it, making it on the thicker side when it's all pulled together. It's also quite heavy when it's long, but I've pretty much decided that I'd rather have heavy, longer hair than short, almost unmanageable hair.

I've had a hard time with the colouring. Right now, it's a faded brown colour. It was dark brown when I coloured it, but it was monochromatic and lifeless. My main challenges are uncooperative hair, split ends, and coming to my right colour. (I also have a large forehead, so I'm having a hard time finding the right bangs.)

Like I said, I'm getting married, so I'd like to try something a little different... maybe red? Thank you so much! — Emily

A: Emily, this is the colour and cut I recommend:

Rose McGowan red hair

Rose McGowan's red hair.

When it comes to bangs and parts, it's all about the distribution.

For most people to have a side-swept bang, it needs to come from farther back on the head. You need to do this to create the volume of hair to create the swoop or bang.

Here is the colour I feel is right for you because of the highlights and lowlights:

Nicole Kidman red hair

Nicole Kidman's bold, highlighted red hair.

This simple cut can be worn either straight or with your natural wave, and an occasional fluffing with a wand.

Here's a cut that I really love, which is much shorter and will need constant work!

Red hair bob

Short, sleek bob with bangs.


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