Met Ball 2013: Miranda Kerr's Braided, Side-Swept Hair

Glam waves with a punk-rock twist!
Michelle Villett
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Glam waves with a punk-rock twist!
Miranda Kerr - Met Ball 2013

The look:

Glamorous waves swept over one shoulder with French braids on the other side.

Miranda Kerr - Met Ball 2013 hair

The inspiration:

“The whole theme is modern punk. Miranda [has a] glamorous signature style, so we stayed along those lines, but infused some rocker by adding two braids on the side, which wrapped around and tucked underneath the nape of the neck."—celebrity hairstylist David Keough for Davines.

The how-to:

1. While your hair is wet, create a deep side part.

2. Comb a gel (such as Davines For Wizards No. 8 Quick Setting Hard Gel) throughout the hair to create a solid hold.

3. On the side opposite the direction of the part, create two sections. French braid each section parallel to the other, wrapping them down around the head. Taper the braids down to the nape, tie them off and tuck them underneath the rest of the hair.

4. Apply more gel mixed with some mousse (try Davines For Wizards No 3 Universal Mattering Mousse) throughout the rest of the hair, layering with some hair oil (such as Davines OI/OIL) to create shine.

5. Blow-dry the remaining unbraided hair with a round brush.

6. Using a one-inch curling iron, separate and curl large sections. Pin them up and let the hair cool down.

7. Pull the hair out and spray your roots with a bit of sea salt spray (such as Davines For Wizards No. 14 Sea Salt Primer) to create lift. Blow-dry a touch.

8. Finish off with hairspray (try Davines Defining Invisible Hair Spray) to lock in the look.