Will a Glycolic Peel Improve My Acne Scars?

"I'm scared of getting thinner skin."
Dr. Nowell Solish
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"I'm scared of getting thinner skin."
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Glycolic acid peels won't help significantly with acne scars.

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Q: I'm seriously considering a glycolic chemical peel because I have some acne scars and uneven skin tone and texture. My skin is also pretty pale, even in the summers. But I'm scared of getting thinner skin, which I've heard can happen if you get too many peels. — Ri

A: Ri, glycolic acid will not thin your skin.

However, glycolic acid also does not significantly improve acne scars. What it can do is give some help to uneven tone and colour.

Lasers—such as fractionated Erbium or fractionated carbon dioxide lasers—can significantly help acne scars, as well as texture and tone. They do have more downtime, risk and expense.

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