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We've had another face-lift!
Michelle Villett
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We've had another face-lift!
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Okay, technically it's probably not 3.0, exactly. It's probably something like 23.0 if you count all the many design and layout variations we've experimented with around here over the last four years of blogdom. (What can I say? With websites and beauty trends, I'm always chasing the next big thing!)

But seriously, you've gotta admit that this new look is our best one yet. Maybe even our Life Cut, if website redesigns could be compared to excellent haircuts.

UPDATE: If you're still seeing the old design—or worse, something really wonky—then please clear your page cache by pressing command-shift-R (on a Mac) or control-F5 (on a PC) a few times. That should do the trick, but if not, please leave a comment or contact us and we'll find out what the problem is!

Here's what's new and improved this time around:

New sections

beautyeditor sections

Remember how the old site had content organized by type—blogs, videos, galleries, and so on? We've ditched that system and now have posts sorted by topic—hair, makeup, skin, nails and more—which makes MUCH more sense. Now* it's way easier to find the intel you're looking for, whether it's makeup inspiration or the latest skincare reviews.

*Well, almost. Four years and 1,500+ posts is a LOT of sorting to do, so bear with us over the next few weeks as we find every post a home in the new system. They're all still here, just slowly getting re-categorized. Fun times!

Product listings

beautyeditor - Get the products

Now, every time we mention beauty products in a story (which is often!) we'll list them right underneath the post, with links to where you can get more info and shop online. Here's an example of the new feature in action. I know, we're enablers. #notsorry

*We also make a miniscule commission when you purchase beauty products through the links on this site, but that in no way influences what we choose to cover, or what we say in our editorial coverage.

Pinnable photos

Barbara Palvin - All Is Lost premiere, Cannes 2013 - nails

It's even easier to pin your favourite beautyeditor pics (like the one above) because we've added little Pinterest buttons at the top left corner of every photo. (Oh, and follow us on Pinterest, why don't you?)

Author bylines

beautyeditor - Author bylines

With our growing team of writers, it was time to add names to each post, so you can see who wrote what before you click. (Although we encourage clicking every post, obvi!)

We got prettier!

beautyeditor logo

Right? Our ridiculously talented designer totally nailed our request for a chic yet feminine, more magazine-style look. And by the way, we're beautyeditor now—all one word—to go with our new, curvy logo.

And loads more is in the queue! Stay tuned for some cool new beauty features (we're reincarnating this one), superstar experts and contributors (to answer your beauty questions) and way more inspirational photos in every single post. Until then, thanks for staying with us—and enjoy the upgrades!

Now it's feedback time:

What types of articles would you like us to do more of?
What doesn't float your boat so much?
What else would you like to see us cover?