What is the Best Hair Colour For My Warm Skin Tone?

"I have struggled to find a hair colour that I like."
Bill Angst
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"I have struggled to find a hair colour that I like."
Hair consultation - Alysha

Alysha isn't sure what hair colour suits her complexion.

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Q: My hair is thick and course, very easy to straighten, and is healthy. I have struggled to find a hair colour that I like and that makes me look as good as possible. I am desperate, please help! — Alysha

Hair consultation - Alysha

Alysha's hair texture is thick and coarse.

A: Alysha, thank you for submitting your photos. The second photo is the colour that I chose for you. In your other photo, your hair had blue-red tones and I feel that they fight with your skin tone.

Here is a lighter colour all over, with warm ash and gold tones.

Scarlett Johansson blonde hair

Scarlett Johansson's warm blonde hair.

Please take your time lightening and do as many steps as need be to get all the dark tones to a lighter shade.

Your question is about colour, but I took the liberty to give you some style advice as well. You have such beautiful strong features and gorgeous hair. With your side part, you have an awful lot of hair on the one side of your head. I would balance it out by parting a messy centre or off-centre part to redistribute the weight. I would also use a moisturizing finishing product on dry hair, to keep your ends soft and to help separate them.

By freshening up your layers as seen in the photo above, you can keep your current length and add a "wow" factor to your luscious locks.


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