What Do You Think of Beyoncé's New Short Haircut?

Stylist-to-the-stars Rita Hazan created this crop.
Michelle Villett
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Stylist-to-the-stars Rita Hazan created this crop.
Beyonce short haircut

So Twitter exploded when this happened. Yep, as is the custom now (see: Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lawrence), Beyoncé announced her new short haircut via Instagram. I'm sure you've heard.

Am I the only one a little weirded out by these types of blatantly narcissistic celebrity pics that we're subjected to, now that the social media floodgates have opened?

Beyonce short haircut

Oh HAI there. Just hanging out in front of my Hollywood mirror with my lips parted and both hands behind my head, while someone takes my photo.

Um, WEIRD. There's actually one more for good measure.

Beyonce short haircut

Anyway, posing aside, let's talk about this cut! It's like the celebrity reinvention cut, non? Everyone gets it at some point.

The woman behind it was celebrity stylist-to-the-stars Rita Hazan. I got an email from "her people" yesterday with this statement: "Beyoncé's new look is modern and old Hollywood at the same time, and makes such a statement. We wanted the colour to be soft and sexy, so I chose to highlight her hair with champagne and summer blonde tones. By strategically highlighting her whole head in very tiny sections, we achieved the perfect look."

I suspected the big chop was something to do with some weave problem, like how you read those blind items about celebrities that are actually bald or at least seriously thinning underneath it all from years of fake-hair abuse.

But apparently no. Her other hairstylist (yeah, these people usually have several), Kim Kimble, told People, "She had great, thick, long hair." Who knew?

I love this Tweet, via The Globe and Mail:

April Davis Tweet Beyonce

And not that I want anyone to lose their job, but wouldn't this be a nice trend if it caught on? Fake hair usually looks... fake.

But back to Beyoncé. Here's a little reminder of the before, from a concert in NYC earlier this month:

Beyonce concert NYC August 2013

Whaddaya think? Should she have kept a good thing going? (I always feel a bit sad when gorgeous, thick, long hair goes bye-bye.)

However, I have to say that I do really like the short pixie cut and the dye job. Remember when Rihanna was blonde at last year's Grammys and I said how I liked that she kept some roots? And the same thing with Rita Ora? I feel the same way here. Somehow roots make more sense with blonde on darker skin tones.

What I'm not sure about yet is whether Beyoncé has the features to pull this off. Her gorgeous brows are a great start... I just want to see it a few more times to properly decide if I'm yay or nay.

What say you?

Do you like this new short blonde 'do?
Or do you think she should've kept it long?
Do you agree that the roots make the blonde work?