What is the Best Low-Maintenance Cut For Long, Wavy Hair?

"It is fine hair but there is a lot of it."
Bill Angst
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"It is fine hair but there is a lot of it."
Hair consultation - Stefanie

Stefanie wants a wash and wear cut for her long, fine hair.

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Q: This photo shows my current hair—pretty much how it dries naturally. It is lighter at the ends from old foils and natural bleaching and is in pretty good condition, not overly heat-damaged. It is fine hair but there is a lot of it—and it tangles a bit when it's as long as this. I don't like using leave-in conditioners all the time, though, as they weigh it down and I also have sensitive skin that breaks out on my shoulders and back when I use too many hair products.

It has a little bit of natural movement, but my main challenges are keeping body and movement, smoothing it without weighing down the fine strands and gaining height at the crown. I want a cut that is low-maintenance and can be wash and wear when I need it to be. Many thanks for your advice! — Stefanie

A: Stefanie, please grow your beautiful hair as long as you can with very long layers. The fluidity is lovely with the longer, layered length; sometimes shorter layers clump and lose their flow.

Adding volume to your crown is always a smoke and mirrors solution. A subtle adjustment will trick the eye. Take your part from an off-centre parting to a centre parting at the crown. This will redistribute the hair for balance on both sides of your crown, which will give you the most fullness.

Next would be a bit of backcombing for additional lift.

Thinner ends adds a nice taper to a long style, as there are very few details—besides texture, colour and shape—to define a long hairstyle.

I would use a wand to smooth the hair around your face. A little frizz is cool for a younger person like yourself. I would use this model as your guide.

Long layered wavy hair

Long, layered, wavy hair.

These are the tones of colour I see for you!

Ariadne Artiles hair colour

Ariadne Artiles' warm hair colour.


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