Give To Get 50% Off At Trade Secrets and Glamour Secrets!

Give away your old hair appliances and get a great deal.
Michelle Villett
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Give away your old hair appliances and get a great deal.
Trade Secrets Give and Take

We've all got one. Maybe it's a drawer, maybe it's a box tucked under the bed, maybe it's the space underneath the bathroom sink.

It's the beauty graveyard. The spot where you stash all the stuff you no longer use or never did get around to using. And so it sits there, lonely, neglected and taking up valuable storage space. Especially the hair appliances.

Give to get 50 percent off!

But what if you could give those old hair appliances a new home AND get a discount off something you really want?

Trade Secrets and Glamour Secrets have come up with the most genius idea: from now until September 27th, you can bring in any unwanted hair appliance in working condition and receive a 50 percent discount off a new one from Avanti, Rowenta Beauty or GS Professional. That means you can get up to $150 off select models by these salon professional brands—and like I've always said, the difference between salon tools and drugstore ones is huge!

As for what to trade in, it can be any hair appliance. Think: old hairdryers, curling irons you could never get the hang of, that crimping wand that seemed like a good idea at the time...

Do something beautiful

Trade Secrets Give and Take

Just by bringing in your old hair appliances, you'll be doing something beautiful for someone else, too. Trade Secrets and Glamour Secrets will be collecting and donating the gently used hair appliances to shelters across Canada that offer support to women and their children who are escaping violence at home. As you know, there's a big connection between looking good and feeling good—and having a hairstyling tool really can make a difference for these women as they build a better life, helping to improve their confidence and self-esteem.

It's a win win!

Visit Trade Secrets or Glamour Secrets before September 27th

To take advantage of this promotion, just visit a Trade Secrets or Glamour Secrets near you before September 27th with your old hair appliance. They've got more than 60 beauty stores and salon locations across Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick. Click here to find the one nearest you.

Here's to a great hair day—for everyone!

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