What is the Best Way To Protect Your Hair From Heat-Styling?

"I blow-dry and straighten almost every morning."
Tony Chaar
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"I blow-dry and straighten almost every morning."
Frizzy damaged hair

A heat-protective spray is not enough when you use hot tools daily.

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Q: I've got a big problem. Whenever I let my hair air-dry, it dries all frizzy, dull, and unhealthy-looking. I'm afraid it is from how frequently I use heat on my hair. I blow-dry and straighten almost every morning, but now even the ends of my hair are looking frizzy and dull. I do use heat-protecting spray but I have some split ends and breakage. Help! — Ella

A: Ella, it’s okay to blow-dry and style your hair with heat tools, so that your hair looks polished. But the heat-protective spray is not good enough. 

Liquid silicone products offer higher protection from the heat. Just choose a light one so that it doesn’t weigh your hair down.

Frizzy means a lack of moisture. You have to give more to your hair. I suggest you do moisturizing treatments once a week for 15 to 20 minutes each time. I recommend Kérastase masks.

There is no escape from split ends. You need a haircut, darling. Every eight weeks, max.

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