Is There a Hairstyle That Will Detract From My Jowls?

"I’m almost 58, and while I don’t consider that old, I’m feeling very old lately."
Bill Angst
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"I’m almost 58, and while I don’t consider that old, I’m feeling very old lately."
Hair consultation - Micki

Micki wants a cut that will take the focus off her "jowls."

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Q: I’m almost 58 years old, and while I don’t consider that old, I’m feeling very old lately. I hate my jowls! Can you recommend a cut that will pull the focus away from them? I have thick, wavy hair and with some good product, I have no frizz. I’m very good to my hair, so it is healthy. I’ve been wearing it long for about eight or nine years—long enough to pull in a ponytail.

I’m also very open to a colour change, maybe highlights. My natural colour is ashy brown with grey/white around the ears and temples. I do colour my hair and have been wearing this colour (medium mahogany) for many years. I like the warmth it brings to my face and how it brings the blue out in my eyes.

Please help! I always love what you do for the younger women so can you throw in a middle-aged one like me?! Thank you for your consideration. — Micki

A: Micki, thank you for requesting a consultation. 

I really like that you have long hair, and there is never anything wrong with sporting a ponytail. Especially with this new fringe!

Penelope Cruz bangs - Gotham Film Awards, 2008

Penélope Cruz at the 2008 Gotham Film Awards.

I would like to see you change your part to centre-ish distribution point, like in this picture of Penélope Cruz. With this new part, you will have a much better balance of volume.

I would also like to see this fringe on you because it will open up your eye and cheekbone area. Showing a bit more ear will also enhance your new look.

I do like your hair on the darker side, but would prefer a more true brown as a base colour for you. Adding tone-on-tone highlights will add some soft visual movement that I feel will be bang on for you.


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