What is the Best Way To Deal With Split Ends?

"I usually blow-dry, but I think it's taking its toll."
Bill Angst
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"I usually blow-dry, but I think it's taking its toll."
Reader hair consultation - Chelsi

Chelsi's hair is naturally full and voluminous.

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Q: I have very dry, quite long hair. I feel like it's been thinning out a lot and my split ends are getting harder and harder to keep up with. I've had Ombré and then I went for a medium caramel. My hair is naturally very wavy and big. I usually blow-dry it to smooth it out, but I think it's taking its toll. What should I do? Thank you for your time! — Chelsi

A: Chelsi, your hair is perfect the way it is. 

Any amount of over-colouring will have a backlash and leave you with damaged hair. 

The only remedy is the scissors. Trim your ends every eight weeks to slowly clean up the dryness. 

I would not do anything else because the colour, length and volume are enviable to the rest of us that are truly "hair-challenged."

My recommendation: don't change a thing.

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