3 Summer Nail Polish Trends To Take With You Into Fall

Here's what this lacquer lover will be wearing right through fall.
Natacha Medeiros
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Here's what this lacquer lover will be wearing right through fall.

From wacky textures (I'm looking at you, leather nails) to shape-shifting colour effects, we pretty much saw it all when it came to nail polish this summer. I know fall has just arrived, but I'm still not ready to let go of my favourite nail trends. (Or of the heat. I'll so miss the heat.) Here are three that I just can't shake—and that will easily take you into the new season.

Summer-into-fall nail trend #1: Brights

I don't know about you, but I love a bright nail—all year long. Not only does it make your nails pop, but let's be honest, don't happy colours always put you in a better mood? Especially when the rest of your outfit is a fall-ish black and grey. Plus, I totally love being the girl that sports highlighter shades, even in the dead of winter. It's awesome.

I was blown away by these Ceramic Glaze shades. This is Watermelon Cooler:

Ceramic Glaze Watermelon Cooler without topcoat

And this is Copacabana Mama:

Ceramic Glaze Copacabana Mama without top coat

(These names could totally double as beachy, boozy cocktails.) They apply perfectly, are ridiculously pigmented and dry matte—which I usually don't like—but because there’s a subtle shimmer in them, the matte has dimension and it is killer on the nails.

They look absolutely amazing with top coat, too:

Ceramic Glaze Watermelon Cooler with top coat
Ceramic Glaze Copacabana Mama with top coat

I can officially say this is my new favourite brand. I really couldn't get over just how awesome the polish was. Plus, I got away with one coat. ONE. Can you believe it? No? Me neither.

Ceramic Glaze, exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Revlon's neons are also very easy to use and win maje points with me because the white is attached to the polish. Why has no one thought of this before?

Revlon Neon Killer-Watt Pink Glow

This neon pink + coral combo (Killer-Watt on the pointer, middle and pinky fingers and Pink Glow on my ring finger) above has to be my fav. These two shades will be calling my name come January, and in just this combo.

Revlon Nail Art Neon Nail Enamel in Killer-Watt and Pink Glow, at Drugstore.com, Target, ULTA BeautyWalgreens and Well.ca.

Revlon’s bright blue shade in its Brilliant Strength line, called Mesmerize, is perfect if you want to be flashy, but not too flashy.

Revlon Brilliant Strength Mesmerize

It's subtle enough that it's not in your face. That perfect in-between shade for people who want to go to the bright side, but just aren't ready yet.

Revlon Brilliant Strength Nail Enamel in Mesmerize, at Amazon.comDrugstore.com, Walgreens and Well.ca.

Sally Hansen’s Back to the Fuschia (Cannot. Take. These. Names.) is like an amped up peony pink–and I love it.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Back to the Fuschia

Plus, who doesn’t want to wear pink on their nails pretty much all day, every day? I know I do.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Polish in Back to the Fuchsia, at Amazon.comDrugstore.comTarget and Well.ca.

Summer-into-fall nail trend #2: Fun top coats

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Textured Nail Color in Wool Lite

Think top coat just means a clear coat of polish that gives your mani more staying power? Think again. Now they comes in all kinds of forms—from sparkly glitter to matte-ifying magic. Sally Hansen has just come out with a top coat interpretation I know I've never seen before. This is called Fuzzy Coat (shade is adorably entitled Wool Lite), and it's as fuzzy as it is cute. You’re not supposed to add regular top coat to it, so it’s a little bumpy, but seriously, how perfect is it?! They also come in a bunch of other shades (I picked up the black and white one, Tweedy) and are just plain awesome in my opinion. Plus, will look so chic in the fall with a fuzzy sweater.

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Textured Nail Color, at Drugstore.com, TargetULTA Beauty and Walgreens.

Summer-into-fall nail trend #3: Unexpected textures

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Candy Corn

Smooth nails? How booooring! It’s all about texture. And nothing is more chic than a matte nail for fall, so merging the two is pretty much genius. Check out Sally Hansen’s Sugar Coat polishes, seen above in Candy Corn (which I swear is orange and not red like my camera picked up) and Spare-A-Mint, below.

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Spare A Mint

They're rough, bumpy, and are as far from smooth as they can get. Unlike some other brands doing similar textured polishes, these don’t have glitter –and that makes me sad, but only because I'm glitter-obsessed. Still, they're pretty cool. I mean, how do they get it to dry like that?!

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Textured Nail Color, at Amazon.com.

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Which nail looks are YOU loving at the moment?
Do you still do bright shades in the fall/winter, or do you prefer darker ones?
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