Blake Lively, Before and After

The evolution of her nose and eyelids (and why I miss her old face!).
Michelle Villett
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The evolution of her nose and eyelids (and why I miss her old face!).
Blake Lively before and after

The other day, when I was writing about the Tria laser, I mentioned how celebrities aren't all born with perfect skin—they just have the cash to throw at pricey doctor's office treatments. What I didn't mention is that they ALSO aren't all born with perfect features. Many, if not most of them, spring for plastic surgery somewhere along the way. It's all part of the evolution to becoming a Hollywood mega-star. We're distracted by changes in hair, weight and wardrobe... but there's usually something you can't quite put your finger on, and I'm telling you, it's surgery.

Knowing this does excellent things for my self-esteem. Maybe it's a weird way of rationalizing, but it makes me think that my surgery-free face isn't too shabby after all. And not that I'm judging what these celebs choose to do with themselves, but I don't even know that surgery necessarily improves matters.

So that said, I've been thinking it's time for a new regular feature here—celebrity before and afters. Let's start with Blake, and then I wanna hear what you think!

The before

Blake Lively - Teen Choice Awards, 2004

Having trouble sourcing this pic, but I think it's circa either 2004 or 2005. (My God, the pastels! I cringe at the early '00s fashion. And also notice my twin pet beauty peeves, the unseparated Hollywood curls and overtweezed eyebrows.) Anyway, I want you to take a good, long look at Blake's nose and eyelids.

Blake Lively - TCA All Star party, 2007

This one is from 2007 and I don't think anything changed on her face... yet. She did at least grow out her eyebrows a bit. (And by the way, I think she looks adorable in both pics.)

Blake Lively - Victoria's Secret What Is Sexy Party, 2008

Here, I think it's still the old nose, and she's compensating for her hooded eyelids with lots of shadow. Hair colour situation is also improved. (It's another standard celeb evolution, from highlights to double process colour.)

Blake Lively - Paley Television Festival, 2008

My last "before" is from 2008 again, and gosh, I wish she would've stopped here. I think it's the best she ever looked—she's glowing.

The after

Blake Lively - Savages LA premiere, 2012

Fast-forward to 2012 (this is from the premiere of Savages) and Blake is all growed up. But it's not just the styling—although the retro waves, false lashes, matte lipstick and strapless dress do change her appearance. I think the tip of her nose has been carved to look more angular, and the bridge has been narrowed down.

Blake Lively, Turbo premiere, 2013

Now, this is the pic that really made me do a double take. It's from this summer, at the Turbo premiere, and I feel like I'm looking at a different person. It's not just the nose but the eyelids that I really noticed in this one—see how they just look less heavy and her eyes more open? I do think she looks incredible, but in a way, older. And her face looks more narrow now. Then again, it's been five years since that last "before" pic, and everyone ages, new nose or not.

Blake Lively, Gucci Spring 2014 show

Here's the most recent one, from the Gucci S/S '14 show in September. I had no idea she'd gone this colour with her hair (I'm not a fan) and I guess we need to keep in mind that mustard yellow flatters no one. Now again, look at her face. The nose IS more angular, but I like that they didn't try to make it small—that wouldn't have suited her. Again, I feel like she looks very different here, but perhaps it's just the loss of baby fat in her face compared to her early 20s.

The bottom line

I think it was an excellent nose job as far as nose jobs go, but I still don't think she needed to change her face. She's a gorgeous woman no matter what, but the nose and the eyelids gave her so much character—they were cute! Maybe her nose always bothered her and "fixing" it gave her a self-esteem boost; we'll never know. But I can't help but feel like she's become more generic-looking and lost some of that uniqueness that made her so relatable in the first place.

What do you think?

Do you think Blake looked better "before"?
Or do you think the new nose and eyelids are an improvement?
Which other celebs do you wanna see before and after?