What Do You Think Of Jennifer Lawrence's New Short Haircut?

I REALLY need to know if you're feeling the same way I am...
Michelle Villett
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I REALLY need to know if you're feeling the same way I am...

Celebrities growing and then cutting their hair—it's the circle of life. The latest chopper, as I'm sure you heard earlier today if you spend any amount of time on social media, is Jennifer Lawrence.

Yep, again. It was only April when we were analyzing her freshly shorn, shoulder-skimming lob, I remind you.

Jennifer Lawrence - GLAAD Media Awards, April 2013

Seems like so long ago now, right? Before that, her hair looked like this:

Jennifer Lawrence - SAG Awards 2013

You know, I never did feel like Jennifer was 100 percent comfortable in her skin, with the long hair. I know she's totally adorbs and hilarious and cool and could be everyone's BFF... but I always got the sense she was slightly uncomfortable when seeing her red carpet pics. (Not that it's a big revelation, considering she tripped in a Dior gown.)

Anyway, knowing that, it didn't surprise me at all that she went for a radical new short haircut, revealed today on her Facebook page:

Jennifer Lawrence short hair

Wait... what? Okay, what did surprise me is that it's a heavily layered short haircut.

I'm down with her going short, I'm down with rough texture and the side-swept fringey part... what I am NOT down with is the super-short, layered bits all around the crown.

Anyone else immediately reminded of the famous Kate Gosselin 'do?

Kate Gosselin hair

You have got to admit there are some similarities.

Side note: Y'all know hyper hair-colour aware Thomas, right? (That was my nickname for him as a longtime beautyeditor commenter.) Well, he's hyper haircut aware, too—so much so that he freakily emailed me this very same Kate Gosselin pic, with his candid thoughts on the cut, at the exact moment I was uploading it to the blog myself. JINX! Obviously we are kindred hair spirits.

Anyway, my final thought on this cut is that it could have looked pretty awesome if Jennifer had only been schooled by Elsa Pataky—the reigning queen of excellent short haircuts, in my book:

Elsa Pataky - Inaugural Oceana Ball, April 2013

It's similar, right? But without the super-short bits, so much better.

UPDATE: Just came across more pics via the good ol' Daily Mail...

Jennifer Lawrence short hair (2)
Jennifer Lawrence short hair (3)

Big improvement, I think! Maybe it was an Instagram filter throwing off the original pic and making it look so spiky?

Oh, and I've gotta share my second email from Thomas re: Kate Gosselin: "That's a celeb in the pic? I thought it was some early 2000's office person, how tragic." Hilare!

Now I wanna know if you share my views on this:

Do you think JLaw suits short hair more than long?
What do you think of the actual cut itself?
Which celebs do you think have amazing short haircuts?