What is the Best Way To Grow My Chemically-Damaged Hair Long?

"My hair texture has become dry and frizzy with oily roots."
Bill Angst
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"My hair texture has become dry and frizzy with oily roots."
Hair consultation - Helen

Helen's hair has become dry and frizzy after over-colouring.

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Q: My hair is thin and its natural colour is dark. I recently used L'Oréal Paris Féria Wild Ombre 070 to lighten it, and on top of that, 7.0 ash blonde. I have experienced hair loss during the past few years (and after many chemical processes and stress) and my hair texture has become dry and frizzy with oily roots. I would like to grow it and see it long. Please help—I really need your advice. Thank you for your time! — Helen

A: Helen, you have very pretty hair that is delicate by nature and will not stand for any chemical attacks.

The approach for you is to use a hair colour that will fill your hair to plump it, not deplete it. I feel that a non-ammonia rinse will be just what your hair needs.

I'm sure your lovely skin would stand out better with a darker hair colour.

Hilary Duff brown wavy hair

Hilary Duff with dark brown hair.

The wave in your hair has no chance of showing off at your current shorter length. With longer hair, you may need to use a wand or curling iron but it will be worth the work to create this look.

I'm also inspired by the strong eye and nude lip with your new hair colour.


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