Emma Watson, Before and After

The beauty evolution of the Harry Potter star—who grew up on camera.
Michelle Villett
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The beauty evolution of the Harry Potter star—who grew up on camera.
Emma Watson before and after (2)

Unlike last week's before and after subject, Megan Fox—who one reader said looks like a "mean girl" and with whom I'm fairly certain I'd NEVER be friends—I almost feel bad for featuring Emma Watson this time. She's just so darn cute and likeable. The Harry Potter star, who is 23 now, can also work a beauty look like nobody's business. (See: this faux bob; this red/pink lip; the time when she went for that major big chop.) She's been one half of my twin Emma obsession for a few years now.

But a couple of you put in your request for an analysis, and because I aim to please, here we are. Let's take a look at how Emma's look evolved over the years, from the very first Harry Potter premiere back in 2001 until now.

The before

Kicking things off is this pic from when she was just 11 years old:

Emma Watson, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone premiere, 2001

Totally cute. And what a brave girl for basically signing up to go through puberty in front of millions. (Ugh, I could never.)

The next Harry Potter movie came out the following year, in 2002:

Emma Watson, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets premiere, 2002

Don't you have eyebrow envy? Even when I was 12, long before I began my overzealous waxing, plucking and threading regimen that saw me through the '00s, I don't think mine were ever like this. Anyway, take it all in—I'm sure you also see what I'll be getting at shortly in regards to her nose.

There are so many Harry Potter movies, we can basically do this entire comparison by looking at pics from each premiere. Here's the 2004 one:

Emma Watson, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban premiere, 2004

Aw, bless her heart—with the flower and the curly tendrils, she looks like she's going to a '90s prom instead of a big-time movie premiere. By this time, she was 14 years old—a very pretty 14-year-old—and I don't know if she just grew into her nose, but it looks a little less prominent here. Shame the eyebrows were tamed down so much, but they are still great; one of her best features in my opinion.

Now, it's 2005 and Emma is 15:

Emma Watson, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire premiere, 2005

In this shot, I think her nose looks the same as the early pics—do you? And wow... I just love her face. You can see here, with next to no makeup, she has such a unique and pretty look.

Now we fast-forward to 2007, age 17:

Emma Watson, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix premiere, 2007

I couldn't find a photo that showed her face front-on, so it's hard to say whether there's been any surgical change here. One big change I do notice is the lighter hair and eyebrows. She can pull off anything, but I don't think this is her best look—it's not anywhere near as flattering as when she is a brunette. It kind of washes her out, plus anyone with those dark and thick eyebrows should show them off instead of lightening/tweezing them.

The after

Now it's time to go to 2009 (age 19):

Emma Watson, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince premiere, 2009

Does her nose look different here or is it just me? If there was a rhinoplasty, it was an extremely subtle and well-done one, to make her nose ever-so-slightly narrower and the tip more pronounced.

Here's the next premiere shot, circa 2010, and I think she looks just the same when she smiles as the 2004 picture.

Emma Watson, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 premiere, 2010

Can you believe she was only 2o here? So stylish, I'm jellis.

The next pic is age 21 in 2011:

Emma Watson, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 premiere, 2011

And see, I do think her nose is different if you scroll back up and compare it to, say, 2005. She really does have an adorable one now, though—it's very button-like and perfectly suits her delicate features. (That, I think, is the main reason she pulls off the short haircut so well.) And gosh, her face is just a makeup artist's dream. No wonder they went crazy on this eye makeup.

Last of all, I bring you this shot from Cannes earlier this year:

Emma Watson, The Bling Ring photocall, 2013

Obviously, she's all grown up now, and at 23 has lost that baby fat that would make anyone's face look different as a teenager. But again, I think you can still see a difference in her nose. Oh, and the eyebrows—thank goodness they're back to their full, fanned-out glory again!

The bottom line

Did she or didn't she? This is a tricky one—and I haven't been able to find any plastic surgeons who've gone out on record giving their thoughts either way. There have been rumours for a few years now that she's had rhinoplasty, and looking at these pics I do suspect she's had a tiny reshaping. But the key word is tiny. I think it did make her even more attractive-looking, but I doubt any of us regular people would be displeased with her original nose. (Not to mention, as a non-celebrity I would be so terrified of a plastic surgeon messing up an already decent nose—the only way I'd go under the knife for this kind of miniscule "improvement" was if I had one of those kajillion-dollar Hollywood plastic surgeons who know EXACTLY what they're doing. Otherwise, the risk ain't worth it.)

Oh, and I must share a quote from an interview Emma did where she denounced plastic surgery: "I find LA quite scary because of that—all those young people having plastic surgery. But the thing is, I don’t want to look like everyone else. I don’t have perfect teeth, I’m not stick thin. I want to be the person who feels great in her body and can say that she loves it and doesn’t want to change anything. It’s ridiculous that seems such an unrealistic goal. I think the actresses who are really successful are the ones who are comfortable in their own skins and still look human." I agree—so is she telling the truth or being hypocritical?

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