The New Kiehl's Collab With Alicia Keys Helps Keep a Child Alive

For a limited time, your favourite Midnight Recovery oil helps out a great cause.
Michelle Villett
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For a limited time, your favourite Midnight Recovery oil helps out a great cause.
Kiehl's Alicia Keys Keep a Child Alive

It's not like you need to twist anybody's arm to try Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate, a 99.8 percent natural face oil that first launched in 2010 and has already become a cult product. (In fact, one bottle is sold worldwide every minute.) But the fact that right now, the proceeds of each sale are going to help kids affected by HIV just makes it an even easier decision.

For a limited time, Kiehl's are donating 100 percent (!!) of the profits, up to $200,000, to the Keep a Child Alive foundation, which was founded by songstress Alicia Keys. They'll use the money to bring treatment, care and support to families affected by HIV and AIDS in India and Africa—where 72 percent of children with HIV aren't being treated and 80 percent will die by age five. Lest you think purchasing one bottle of "MRC" (as devotees call it) couldn't possibly make much difference, think again. It provides one full month of care and medicine to a child living with HIV. A month!

Here's a little vid where Alicia talks about her philanthropic mission:

As for the product itself, it's a very nice-feeling formula if you're curious about trying face oils. The lightweight, non-greasy blend contains lavender, evening primrose and squalene oils, which have an almost aromatherapeutic effect at bedtime that helps you get to sleep. And I've heard more than a few beauty editors testify to how you wake up with the best glow.

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