The Amazing Beauty Looks in Katy Perry's Dark Horse Video

You've gotta see these! Plus, the exact products she's wearing.
Michelle Villett
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You've gotta see these! Plus, the exact products she's wearing.
Katy Perry Dark Horse beauty look

Katy Perry's video for "Dark Horse" JUST came out and it's already at 13 million views and counting. I contributed my fair share to that YouTube tally, since the song is pretty catchy, I loved the dancing—and of course, I needed a closer look at the incredible Cleopatra-inspired hair and makeup.

First, check out it:

Now can we talk about the beauty stuff? Here's the opening look:

Katy Perry Dark Horse beauty look 1

The wig (along with all the others she's wearing) was custom-made by celeb hairstylist Clyde Haygood, and how cool are its airbrushed electric blue hieroglyphics? Makeup-wise, Katy's wearing a peachy nude lip with the most artful eyeshadow application I've ever seen. Obviously not for real life, but notice the double eyeliner lines at the outer edges—a nod to a current runway trend.

The intricate design was created by Jake Bailey, who sure put the artist in makeup artist. “This eye makeup is based on the 'Egyptian Eye', also known as the 'Eye of Horus', which is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health," he says. Jake used the new CoverGirl Bombshell Intensity Liner in Pitch Black Passion to draw the lines, adapted from references he found online.

Katy's manicure is also worth a look:

Katy Perry Dark Horse beauty look nails

It's the same blue that's in her hair, with a rim of black all the way around.

Look number two is more of a traditional Cleopatra, with a black wig and the same eye makeup, except with purple lids instead of blue.

Katy Perry Dark Horse beauty look 2

Jake used CoverGirl Bombshell Shine Shadow in Gold Goddess on the centre of the lids, and Ooh La Lilac at the outer corners. "Before the Shine Shadow dried completely, I tapped a bright purple glitter on top of the Ooh La Lilac and a peach glitter on top of the Gold Goddess areas," says Jake. Then came lashes. He first applied a strip of falsies, and then two coats of CoverGirl Bombshell Volume Mascara. "The first coat is a rich volumizing formula that works Katy's own lashes into the false pair and adds extreme volume. The second end was used to add depth with a wet-looking 'lacquer' finish."

On her lips is CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipstick in Euphoria, apparently one of Katy's favourite colours (a bold blackberry).

Next up was my favourite, a brown wig with studded bangs (!!), and the same eye makeup as in the first look, except even more blue:

Katy Perry Dark Horse beauty look 3

How pretty! I kinda wish Katy would do this hairstyle for real!

There was also a snake-entwined updo thrown into the mix:

Katy Perry Dark Horse beauty look 4

Looks like she's wearing some kind of body paint, and notice the angles of that eyeliner.

The final look was a bright yellow wig with more pastel makeup:

Katy Perry Dark Horse beauty look 5

How can she pull off so many over-the-top beauty looks? It's a real skill! Definitely saving this for Halloween inspiration.

Which one's your favourite?

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