Nicole Kidman, Before and After

The beauty evolution of the 'Moulin Rouge' star.
Michelle Villett
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The beauty evolution of the 'Moulin Rouge' star.
Nicole Kidman before and after

It's time for the beauty investigation you've been waiting for!

Can you believe Nicole Kidman is going to be 47 this year? (Update: She turned 49 in 2016!) And that her very first movie was all the way back in 1983? Botox or not, I still think she looks REALLY good.

But speaking of the Botox—no celeb has gotten more grief than Nicole for dabbling with cosmetic injections.

Let's examine how her visage has changed over the years:

Nicole in 1983

Nicole Kidman, BMX Bandits photoshoot, 1983

Nicole Kidman at a BMX Bandits photoshoot in 1983.

Let's start off with the earliest photo I could find, circa 1983. Obviously, this was before de-frizzing products were invented. (Or at least before Nicole knew about them.) She was just 16 here!

Nicole in 1992

Nicole Kidman, photoshoot, 1992

Nicole Kidman in 1992.

By the time of this 1992 photoshoot (age 25), Nicole looked all grown up. I feel like that was a characteristic of the '90s though—people styled themselves to look WAY older than they actually were. Can you imagine seeing a 25-year-old star nowadays running around in a business suit like this? Not going to happen. I have to say, Nicole has some outstanding curls. Also a bit of natural Ombré with the darker root area, right?

Nicole in 1995

Nicole Kidman, Batman Forever, 1995

Nicole Kidman in 'Batman Forever' in 1995.

Holy gorgeousness! We're so used to seeing a more mature Nicole these days, I didn't realize just how beautiful she was in her 20s. Those red lips, the retro waves—why hasn't she been recreating this on a red carpet?

Nicole in 1996

Nicole Kidman, Blockbuster Awards, 1996

Nicole Kidman at the 1996 Blockbuster Awards.

The following year saw the return of the waves and a more reddish hue. Notice her lips. I do think she later used filler in her upper one, but as you'll see a few pics down, maybe it wasn't as dramatic a transformation as people think.

Nicole in 1998

Nicole Kidman, Practical Magic, 1998

Nicole Kidman in 'Practical Magic' in 1998.

This pic is from my all-time favourite movie for hair inspiration. I mean, look at it. Über-long, red and with bangs—it's my fantasy hair. (And I'd copy it in an instant if my bangs would only behave... and, well, if I didn't look better in this colour.) 

Nicole in 2001

Nicole Kidman, The Others premiere, 2001

Nicole Kidman at the 2001 premiere of 'The Others.'

So, so pretty. She was 34 here, and truly at her prime. She had the most beautiful skin and I love the flushed cheeks, the Black Honey-esque lipstick and the reddish hair in a high ponytail. Really, super-gorgeous.

Nicole in 2003

Nicole Kidman, Academy Awards, 2003

Nicole Kidman at the 2003 Academy Awards.

I also love this one, which totally reminds me of the spring 2010 Missoni look. It's all about the curls pushed off her forehead, and the very, very soft makeup. (She has that kind of face that just can't handle a lot... I SO identify.) I still think this was pre-injections era, but I wonder if her nose looks a little smaller. If you compare this photo to the 1992 one, it's now a touch more chiseled and narrow.

Nicole in 2004

Nicole Kidman, Golden Globe Awards, 2004

Nicole Kidman at the 2004 Golden Globe Awards.

In 2004 (age 37), she went for a flapper look. It's a bit too costumey, but I'm sure it was nice, for once, not to be straightening those curls into submission. This may have been the debut of the Botox and the upper-lip filler.

Nicole in 2006

Nicole Kidman, Fur premiere, 2006

Nicole Kidman at the 2006 premiere of 'Fur.'

Nicole got back on track with these big, soft curls, fluffy bangs and sexy half-up 'do. I think I see a fuller upper lip here, but I don't get why people were going nuts over the "work" she had done. At least not yet.

Nicole Kidman, Omega promotional event, 2006

Nicole Kidman at an Omega event in 2006.

I also love this hairstyle from the same year. How pretty is her side ponytail tied with a black ribbon, and softly parted bangs? Love the hair colour as well. I think her eyebrows might be overly arched, though. The industry term is "Spocking" and that's when the Botox injector overdoes the lifting above the brows and you end up like Mr. Spock. Thankfully, her lips look pretty normal.

Nicole in 2007

Nicole Kidman, Academy Awards, 2007

Nicole Kidman at the 2007 Academy Awards.

Here, Nicole went for sleek, straight hair over one shoulder. Love! The colour red is also amazing on her, and her blue eyes are popping like mad. What perplexes me is her mouth—I think the upper lip is weirdly misshapen, I'm assuming from Restylane injections. She's also got the telltale Botox "bunny lines" at the sides of her nose. That's because Botox can create new wrinkles you didn't even have before, from your face trying to move!

Nicole in 2008

Nicole Kidman, CMT Music Awards, 2008

Nicole Kidman at the 2008 CMT Music Awards.

At these awards, Nicole wore her hair down in long, centre-parted waves. It's definitely glam, but I prefer her hair more straight, and I wish she'd bring the bangs back. Her lips look good here (lovely lipstick colour as well) and I like the bold blush. I might not darken the brows so much... the contrast is a bit harsh.

Nicole in 2009

Nicole Kidman, Australia premiere, Madrid, 2009

Nicole Kidman at the 2009 Madrid premiere of 'Australia.'

I really want to brush out these curls. With the solid blonde hair colour, they're making her hair look almost wig-like. No complaints with the makeup at all. Notice the bunny lines are still in effect.

Nicole in 2010

Nicole Kidman, The Rabbit Hole press conference, 2010

Nicole Kidman at the 2010 press conference for 'The Rabbit Hole.'

I think this pic is Nicole's prettiest in recent years. Right? She looks easily 10 years younger than the previous photo. I think the key was darkening her hair to a natural-looking reddish colour. And honestly, she looks the best with very minimal styling. Simple, straight hair and barely any makeup at all work wonders on the woman. I think this is a great lesson—less is most definitely more as you age.

Nicole in 2011

Nicole Kidman, CMT Music Awards, 2011

Nicole Kidman at the 2011 CMT Music Awards.

I quite like this ponytail and bangs combo. Nicole was 44 here, just to remind you! I think the bangs are very youthful-looking, although I wish they were a little longer, skimming the bottom of the eyebrows. But overall, I like this effort a lot, save for the return of the injected lips.

Nicole in 2012

The Paperboy photocall, Cannes, 2012

Nicole Kidman at the 2012 Cannes photocall for 'The Paperboy.'

The following year, Nicole was a beauty superstar in Cannes. She kept the reddish tones in her hair, just lightened it up a bit—and with her porcelain skin it's beautiful. Again, minimal makeup except for a pinky stained lip (which was also a fun move, to contrast with the red dress). Notice how there is not a flaw on her skin—you can't create skin like this with foundation.

Nicole in 2013

Nicole Kidman, CMT Music Awards, 2013

Nicole Kidman at the 2013 CMT Music Awards.

Next, Nicole chopped her hair to this popular lob (long bob) length, just below her collarbones. I think it's a nice, fresh change for her. Alas, there might be a little too much cheek-filler and Botox around the eyes. But those things aside, I don't think she looks bad at all for soon-to-be 47!

Update: Nicole in 2014

Nicole Kidman, Before I Go To Sleep UK screening, 2014

Nicole Kidman at the 2014 UK screening of 'Before I Go To Sleep.'

I love the ponytail and side bangs on Nicole! Once again, she looks younger—even if her cheeks are artificially plumped up.

Update: Nicole in 2015

Nicole Kidman, Academy Awards 2015

Nicole Kidman at the 2015 Academy Awards.

Nicole went back to the straight lob here, with a more vibrant strawberry colour. I really like how the same warm tones are echoed in her makeup. Either her blush isn't blended or the lighting is doing weird things to her one cheek!

Update: Nicole in 2016

Nicole Kidman, ACM Awards 2016

Nicole Kidman at the 2016 ACM Awards.

Nicole's face may be a little tight, but she looks so pretty here! Her hair is lighter and longer, and in the straight style I love. The purplish liner and pop of sheer fuchsia lipstick are unexpected and fun. 


Nicole Kidman before and after

Nicole Kidman in 2001 (left) and in 2013 (right).

Nicole has denied having plastic surgery, and I think I believe her, although I'm not 100 percent convinced regarding her nose. 

As for Botox, she once proclaimed to Marie Claire: "I am completely natural. I have nothing in my face or anything. I wear sunscreen. I don't smoke. I take care of myself. And I'm very proud to say that." I guess that's where the hate started, but at least she later admitted, "I did try Botox, unfortunately, but I got out of it and now I can finally move my face again."

Given that there is not a line on her face, I doubt many of us are buying that story! Also notice that she didn't even mention injectable fillers... sneaky, sneaky! 

Here's what plastic surgeons think, according to Life & Style. "[Botox has smoothed Nicole's crow's feet and the] 11s between her brows, but her eyelids look heavy" says Dr. Mirwat Sami. "Apparent fillers in her mid-face have provided fullness and a lift. They've also diminished deep lines between her nose and mouth." 

"The likely fillers around Nicole's mouth look very good," says Dr. Lyle Back. He also believes Nicole had a mini facelift to tighten her jaw and smooth her neck. Both doctors suspect laser resurfacing has helped Nicole keep her skin bright and firm. 

Whatever she's doing, her skin does look great—it's just the freezing and plumping that might be a little much!

How do you feel about Nicole's beauty evolution?
Which of these looks is your favourite?
What "beauty work" do you think she's had done?