The Best Beauty Inspiration at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival

Amber Heard, Kristen Stewart and more.
Michelle Villett
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Amber Heard, Kristen Stewart and more.

Now that the annual Cannes Film Festival has come to a close, it's time to review the very best part: the red carpet beauty. Oui, oui! I thought the stars did very well this time around, providing tons of glammy hair and makeup inspiration, with only a handful of missteps. (Because it wouldn't be a French film festival without a few WTFs....)

Amber Heard at the screening of Two Days, One Night

Amber Heard, Two Days, One Night screening, Cannes 2014

I cannot resist Amber Heard in a bold red lip—we've seen it before here and here, but I don't get tired of this look at all. It's absolutely stunning with her flawless complexion, just enhanced with some pinkish blush, upper lashes and strong brows. I like the loose and undone hair to keep it youthful and uncontrived.

The lip product she is wearing is NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Mysterious Red.

Kristen Stewart at the screening of Clouds of Sils Maria

Kristen Stewart, Clouds of Sils Maria screening, Cannes 2014

I wasn't into the red hair when I saw it at the Met Ball, but here, I actually think it looks great on Kristen. Even the darkish roots. I love the delicate waves and of course, her signature smoky eyes. Notice how they're pulled out horizontally instead of going up; I think this is a great way to make them modern and interesting. (Plus that really helps to widen out a long face shape.)

Jessica Chastain at the screening of Foxcatcher 

Jessica Chastain, Foxcatcher screening, Cannes 2014

Red-haired people, have you considered wearing more lavender? Because it's a freakin' fantastic colour on Jessica Chastain here. She echoed the hue of her dress on her eyelids with a very soft lilac shimmer, but otherwise kept things super-light and neutral, with sheer gloss and a neutral blush. If I could change one thing here, it'd be the blush placement—I feel like it's dragging down her face a bit. Love the loose, textured hair.

Rosario Dawson at the screening of The Captive

Rosario Dawson, The Captive screening, Cannes 2014

Applause for this bright pink lipstick colour on Rosario. Isn't it amazing? She makes a great beauty point here—that a bold lipstick choice becomes the entire outfit's statement. Her skin looks great, too, although there's something strange going on with the lashes from this side view.

Rosario Dawson at the photocall for The Captive

Rosario Dawson, The Captive photocall, Cannes 2014

Rosario again because did you know she has an undercut now?! I had no idea. I guess she wears it well... if that's your thing. Her skin really does look fantastic.

Christina Hendricks at the photocall for Lost River

Christina Hendricks, Lost River photocall, Cannes 2014

Yay, Christina! Hopefully we're all still fans despite the revelations of this article. The wig is looking good here in a half-up style with side-swept bangs, and God I love her skin. So peaches and creamy with that blush and lip colour. She also makes me want to do a winged eye, stat.

Christina Hendricks at the screening of Lost River

Christina Hendricks, Lost River screening, Cannes 2014

More Christina to crush on. Here, the wig is styled loose and parted in the centre, and again her skin is looking gorge. The differences are smudgier liner and stronger lips and cheeks. Love!

The lip colour is Temptu4K Lipstick in Imperial Red, coming out this fall, and the blush is Temptu Air Pod Blush in Sheer Berry (check out the Temptu Airbrush System here).

Lupita Nyong'o at the Calvin Klein party

Lupita Nyong'o, Calvin Klein party, Cannes 2014

Her skin! It's insanity. I feel like this look is all about that, instead of anything specific with the makeup. Brows look a bit stronger than usual and I'm digging this soft pouf shape to her hair.

The foundation is Lancôme Teint Miracle, and on her lips is Lancôme Baume in Love in Very Cherry.

Jennifer Lawrence at The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 party

Jennifer Lawrence, The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 party, Cannes 2014

Here's how JLaw's hair looks now that she's growing it out. (A decision I'm really happy about; I feel like there was some kind of inverse relationship between the shortness of her hair and the amount I liked her. Hopefully things change now.) I think this tousled hairstyle is very cute, and I like how she dressed it up with her signature smoky eyes contrasted against fresh, natural skin.

Cate Blanchett at the screening of How to Train Your Dragon 2

Cate Blanchett, How to Train Your Dragon 2 screening, Cannes 2014

Cate looks so great here, with high-drama eyes complimented by statement earrings and her hair scraped back (with just a little bit of volume on top). What's most interesting about the makeup is how the shadow is concentrated at the outer corners, all very well blended and like Kristen Stewart's, helping to extend her eyes outward. I think she's wearing a few strategically placed false lashes, too, but they're very tasteful.

Blake Lively at the screening of Grace of Monaco

Blake Lively, Grace of Monaco screening, Cannes 2014

Speaking of tasteful, that's a word I'd never use to describe Blake Lively. I don't know what it is, but I feel like she's one of those people with the rare talent of making even designer outfits look a bit cheap. She's still a gorgeous woman, mind you, but I'd love to see her with a lighter touch all around. This eyeliner and shadow feels a bit heavy; I think she could've done the same look with much softer definition. Her hair's tied up into a long ponytail-braid, which is great!

For those curious, the mascara is L'Oréal Paris Voluminous Million Lashes (though she's not exactly selling it to us).

Blake Lively at the screening of The Captive

Blake Lively, The Captives screening, Cannes 2014

Much better here, save for the awkward facial expression and visible bobby pin. This is what I'd love to see more of on Blake—less bronzed/sexy makeup and more elegance. I don't know if I've ever seen her do a red lip, but it's really great on her. She didn't need the lashes.

The lipstick is L'Oréal Paris Colour Riche Moist Matte in Blaze of Red, which doesn't seem to be available yet but hopefully soon!

Nicole Kidman at the photocall for Grace of Monaco

Nicole Kidman, Grace of Monaco photocall, Cannes 2014

Everyone is talking about Nicole Kidman's face, so I guess this means I'll have to update this little analysis. She definitely looks more... puffy. And the eyebrows seem like they're Spocking. Cosmetic enhancements aside, I really like her hair here, and it's nice to see her in a rare red lip.

Nicole Kidman at the screening of Grace of Monaco

Nicole Kidman, Grace of Monaco screening, Cannes 2014

Throwing in another shot of Nicole from another angle. She doesn't look as puffy here, but there's some new line above her lip that I don't recall before. Botched filler? I will say that I like this rolled hairstyle.

Léa Seydoux at the screening of Saint Laurent

Lea Seydoux, Saint Laurent screening, Cannes 2014

Remember how much we loved Léa Seydoux at the BAFTAs? This look is similarly glam, but with jewel-toned green instead of the navy blue, and the focus is on the lips instead of the eyes. Darkish lips like this are often risky and unflattering, depending on the celeb, but I think they work great on her, and pick up on the reddish colour of her hair. I'm loving the side bun, soft brows and the flirty shimmer around the eyes.

The lip colour is in fact not a lipstick but Chanel's Lip Definer in Vamp, which is sadly now discontinued; try Amarante instead. Her gorgeous skin was perfected with Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer Makeup in 04, Laura Mercier Secret Concealer in 2 and Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate. Try Chanel Illusion d'Ombre in Mirage for the shimmery eyes.

Léa Seydoux at the photocall for Saint Laurent

Lea Seydoux, Saint Laurent photocall, Cannes 2014

You're getting another pic of Léa Seydoux because this is just too adorable. Doesn't she look like a French Emma Stone? This is making me want to dye my hair red again and wear it all textured like this. I love how the lashes and soft liner define the face.

Zoë Saldana at the screening of Grace of Monaco

Zoe Saldana, Grace of Monaco screening, Cannes 2014

We're seeing a lot of red lips at this film fest, on people who don't normally wear them—including Zoë here. I like them on her, but really wish she didn't pair it them with these eyes. The curvy feline liner is SO cool on its own, and would've stood out best with a matte, pale-ish lip. With the red, the message kind of gets lost.

On her lips, that's L'Oréal Paris Colour Riche Lipcolour in True Red.

Julianne Moore at the screening of Mr. Turner

Julianne Moore, Mr. Turner screening, Cannes 2014

Julianne Moore's hair looks incredible here—it's so shiny! You don't always have to curl your hair for it to look special occasion-worthy; here, the sleekness and the way it's been arranged with a defined part and side-sweep really elevate the look. I'm not crazy about the smoky eyes, but love that she's let her real skin shine through instead of wearing heavy foundation.

Julianne Moore at The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 party

Julianne Moore, The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 party, Cannes 2014

This second Julianne look is better, I think. She looks super-elegant with her hair in a high bun and the dangly earrings, plus a slick of plummy lipstick to compliment the smoky eyes. Well done!

Laetitia Casta at the screening of Grace of Monaco

Laetitia Casta, Grace of Monaco screening, Cannes 2014

Huge Laetitia fan here; I had to interview her once for a Ralph Lauren fragrance she was fronting and she is even more drop-dead beautiful in person. Note how she's wearing her hair in the new swoopy style that creates volume near the part; it's very glam and feels more on trend than a side-swept style that's close to the head. I really like her eyeliner, but am undecided on the oxblood lips. I kinda want to see her in a bright, fun pink or orange.

Aishwarya Rai at the screening of The Search

Aishwarya Rai, The Search screening, Cannes 2014

So jealous of Aishwarya Rai's hair and eyebrows. The Indian actress went for traditional glamour with big waves and lots of lashes. No issues here.

Rooney Mara at the Calvin Klein party

Rooney Mara, Calvin Klein party, Cannes 2014

Rooney Mara flew in for the Calvin Klein party (since she's the face of Downtown), and chose her signature dark lips in a brownish red shade. Her skin is as flawless as ever, and very matte; hair was tied back on one side and loose on the other. It's very Rooney.

Marion Cotillard at the photocall for Two Days, One Night

Marion Cotillard, Two Days, One Night photocall, Cannes 2014

You know I love Marion, but I'm not feeling this look. Maybe it's the angle of the photo. Or the really uncomfortable-looking collar there. I don't think this twisty side-roll thingie is her best hairstyle, although her skin, lipstick and brows and are all great.

America Ferrera at the opening of The American Pavilion

America Ferrera, The American Pavilion opening, Cannes 2014

I love this picture of America Ferrera. The sun is shining, her skin has that vacation glow and her hair looks healthy and thick. Out of anyone, she looks like she's enjoying Cannes the most. Sometimes it's nice to see bare-ish skin and a smile set off by a clear glossy lip.

Cara Delevingne at the screening of The Search

Cara Delevingne, The Search screening, Cannes 2014

Cara Delevingne was there, doing her Cara Delevingne thing. I feel like her beauty looks would be so outstanding on anyone else, but when she wears them, it's like, "Oh, just a regular day in the life of Cara." Since, y'know, she's so genetically blessed with those brows and that face and that hair. This is a version of what Laetitia Casta was doing: vampy lips with a side-swept hairstyle, although Cara's is more tousled and voluminous.

Karlie Kloss at the screening of Grace of Monaco

Karlie Kloss, Grace of Monaco screening, Cannes 2014

Karlie Kloss was at Cannes, too, but I've gotta say—she's underwhelming me on the red carpet lately, which is really a shame. You'd think models out of anyone would push the boundaries a bit, since they CAN. This is a bit different to her Met Ball look in that the eyes are smoky, not cat eyes, and the updo is textured instead of smooth. But both were a bit boring and neutral. Yawn.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at the De Grisogono Fatale dinner party

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, De Grisogono Fatale dinner party, Cannes 2014

This might be the first Rosie Huntington-Whiteley pic I've liked in a very long time. She looks less wooden here than usual, and I feel like those wild earrings help a lot to switch up her usual straight-hair, neutral-makeup look. I think she might be over-accessorizing with the necklace, but I guess that's understandable when you get to wear millions of dollars in jewels.

Salma Hayek at the screening of The Prophet

Salma Hayek, The Prophet screening, Cannes 2014

Salma went very casual on this red carpet, wearing her hair the loosest and most naturally curly I've ever seen it. The woman looks good. She's 47, so whatever she's doing, it works. I like that she had a little fun with her makeup and did an orchid pink lipstick with some thick black liner on the top lids.

Her lipstick is the YSL Glossy Stain in 15 Rose Vinyl, and on her cheeks is the YSL Radiant Blush in 6 Passionnée. The foundation is YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat in Beige 70, and the eyeliner is YSL Eyeliner Effet Faux Cils Shocking in 1 Black.

Monica Bellucci at the photocall for Le meraviglie

Monica Bellucci, Le meraviglie photocall, Cannes 2014

Really gorgeous; even more gorgeous than Monica looked at the Met Ball. She has the coolest heart-shaped widow's peak, no? I love that her hair is dressed up by that and then thrown back over her shoulders. Makeup is very minimal, save for the groomed brows, a bit of eyelid shading and the straight-up lashes.

Chloë Moretz at the photocall for Clouds of Sils Maria

Chloe Moretz, Clouds of Sils Maria photocall, Cannes 2014

Had to include this adorable shot of Chloë Moretz, who's wearing her hair all beachy underneath a cool brimmed hat. I'm into her brows and lip colour; very nice!

Update: This lipstick is Laura Mercier Rouge Nouveau Weightless Lip Colour in Coy (crème warm pink). Thanks to her (highly talented) makeup artist Mai Quynh!

Naomi Watts at the Calvin Klein party

Naomi Watts, Calvin Klein party, Cannes 2014

Well, Naomi is just on the wrong side of dewy here. She's definitely crossed the line. If it wasn't for the extreme shine, I'd be into this—I love her side ponytail, the little quiff at the front and her blush and lashes.

Uma Thurman at the screening of Clouds of Sils Maria

Uma Thurman, Clouds of Sils Maria screening, Cannes 2014

Uma Thurman did her usual red carpet look of neutral makeup paired with textured hair. And I'm not sure about the hair. It's a bit messy, right? And what is that thing in it—the elastic?

Mia Wasikowska at the photocall for Maps to the Stars

Mia Wasikowska, Maps to the Stars photocall, Cannes 2014

I have no strong feelings about Mia Wasikowska here; she looks pretty good, although my laser lip liner vision is detecting a faint outline. Can you see it?

Eva Green at the photocall for The Salvation

Eva Green, The Salvation photocall, Cannes 2014

I completely forgot about Eva Green. Remember her? She was a big deal in 2006-7 after Casino Royale. I feel like she could use a little grooming help now, including some attention to the lighter roots, since she dyes her hair much darker than her natural light brown. I also don't know why she has this thing for smoky eyes all the way around. I know it can look neat on the runway, but more often than not in real life (as we saw on Elisabeth Moss), it just ends up looking like you didn't sleep.

Coco Rocha at the Puerto Azul Experience

Coco Rocha, Puerto Azul Experience, Cannes 2014

Oh wow, go away Coco Rocha. Has anyone else fallen totally out of love with this Canadian supermodel? I've interviewed her a couple of times, and she IS very sweet—but these try-hard expressions and all the social media narcissism as of late have to stop. I'd also expect better makeup from someone with her experience; the eyes together with the lips and orange blush are way overdone.

Irina Shayk at the screening of The Search

Irina Shayk, The Search screening, Cannes 2014

Of course Irina Shayk can wear a hooded gown—in chartreuse! of all colours—and still look better than you or I. Life is unfair. Weird get-up aside, the interesting thing about her makeup is the gold shimmer at the inner corners of the eyes. A bit matchy, but I'm okay with it.

Natasha Poly at the screening of A Fistful of Dollars

Natasha Poly, A Fistful of Dollars screening, Cannes 2014

I like this liner on Natasha Poly—it not only flicks up at the outer edges, but it also dips down around the tear ducts in baby Vs. I'm not crazy about her schoolgirl hairstyle, though, or the brownish lips.

Eva Longoria at the screening of Foxcatcher

Eva Longoria, Foxcatcher screening, Cannes 2014

You knew Eva Longoria would be here; I feel like Cannes is her favourite event of the year. I had to zoom out so you could appreciate the full length of her fishtail braid, which has to be the most unfortunate one I've ever seen. It's so crazy messy, and why is it curling at the bottom? I shudder. It always irks me when celebs like Eva—lovers of super-heavy beauty looks—try to pair that with messy braids. It's like multiple beauty personality time.

Sharon Stone at the Roberto Cavalli party

Sharon Stone, Roberto Cavalli party, Cannes 2014

I sure hope it was windy on Roberto Cavalli's yacht, otherwise there is just no excuse for Sharon Stone's wacky hairstyle. If Naomi Watts was on the wrong side of dewy, then Sharon Stone is in the next town of tousling.

Juliette Binoche at the photocall for Clouds of Sils Maria

Juliette Binoche, Clouds of Sils Maria photocall, Cannes 2014

We've got a similar situation here with Juliette Binoche. Juliette, you are so pretty, this hairstyle is NOT OKAY!

Lindsay Lohan at the VIP Room

Lindsay Lohan, VIP Room, Cannes 2014

As Lainey says, Lindsay Lohan is sad smut. I hesitate to comment on her hair and makeup because there's obviously a lot more going on than an off day with the styling. I REALLY wish she'd quit with the stinkin' lip injections. Talk about ruining your looks. Wow.

Ryan Gosling at the screening of Lost River

Ryan Gosling, Lost River screening, Cannes 2014

Ahhh... that's better, isn't it? A little bit of Gosling to the rescue, and to leave you with a sweeter taste in your mouth before we wrap up this Cannes coverage. Nose job or not, I think we can all agree, he's looking REAL nice. Do you think he has a skincare regimen?

Robert Pattinson at the photocall for The Rover

Robert Pattinson, The Rover photocall, Cannes 2014

Update: How could I forget this guy? If we're going to have a Gosling, then we need a Pattinson, too. Enjoy!

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