What is the Best Way To Update My Long, Thick, Brown Hair?

"I am basically feeling like I am stuck in a huge hair rut."
Bill Angst
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"I am basically feeling like I am stuck in a huge hair rut."
Hair consultation - Eve

Eve wants a change, but isn't sure what would suit her thick, frizzy brown hair.

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Q: I am 5'4" and curvy, with long, very thick and frizzy, dark brown hair. I have wanted it long for many years, but am lately becoming tired by its difficulty to dry and style, and basically feeling like I am stuck in a huge hair rut. I was considering a shorter style, possibly with some colour in it, but I am completely clueless as to what would suit me. Please help! — Eve

A: Eve, your hair is glorious and with those big blue eyes that you are blessed with, you don't need a thing.

Here is a non-committal colour option that, if you were to make a change, could satisfy your quest for the new. You might want to know that small changes satisfy the same hair pleasure centre as crazy-ass changes...

Medium brown hair colour

Medium brown hair colour.

I think the volume and smoother style is an appropriate shift for you.

Mark my words, with your hair type, when it is cut short, you need to put more effort into it than when it is long. 

Here are two length options that would work for you:

Mandy Moore, Peter Alexander store opening, 2008

Mandy Moore at a Peter Alexander store opening in 2008.

Cameron Diaz side-swept bangs

Cameron Diaz with mid-length hair and side-swept bangs.

I cannot see your hairline or part, so these styles are based on my guesstimation. 


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