Let's Talk About Your Vagina ($1,000 in Prizes to Be Won!)

Yep, we're chatting about ladybits on Twitter, and it's gonna be epic—here's how to join in (and win!)
Michelle Villett
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Yep, we're chatting about ladybits on Twitter, and it's gonna be epic—here's how to join in (and win!)
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Vaginas don't get much play around here at Beauty Editor (unless we're talking about Shailene Woodley's sunbathing routine).

But did you know that vaginal dryness is a silent epidemic?

Its onset can begin as early as age 31, or sooner if you take the birth control pill, are on antidepressants, experience high stress or are breastfeeding. It's the health condition that nobody talks about—but it can lead to extreme discomfort, pain during intercourse and can even cause the vagina to atrophy (!!).

Toldja we need to talk about this taboo topic.

I'm teaming up this week with my friend Janine at BeautyGeeks to host this fun Twitter party, and we REALLY hope you'll join us:

Damiva Twitter Party

We'll be Tweeting with Chia Chia Sun, the passionate woman, scientist and Canadian behind Mae by Damiva, the first 100 percent natural vaginal lubricant created for long-term use.

It comes in the form of solid ovules (they melt upon insertion) that are made from just six natural ingredients, all rated low-hazard by the Environmental Working Group.

Mae by Damiva

Chia Chia is a former pharmaceutical executive whose research uncovered an epidemic of vaginal dryness. She founded her company (Damiva) and the product (Mae, named for Mae West!) when she couldn't find a lubricant that was natural and safe to use long-term, as well as being hormone-free.

I met up with her recently, and was absolutely astounded by what I didn't know about vaginal health! Here are just a few facts we'll be Tweeting about...

What You'll Learn

  • Why your vagina needs a moisturizer (just like your face does!).
  • Why you should be worried about the ingredients in most lubricants.
  • The importance of maintaining your vagina's healthy pH (and what happens if you don't).
  • Why "use it or lose it" should be your vagina's new motto.
  • And of course, what Mae by Damiva is all about!
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How to Join Us (and What You Could WIN!)

When: Wednesday, June 18th from 8-9pm Eastern Standard Time
(Not in Ontario? Use this time zone converter to find the time where you are.)

Where: Log on to Twitter and then follow at least one—or all!—of us to participate.

Hashtag: #damivatalks

What You Can WIN!

We've got more than $1,000 in prizes up for grabs! Join us and you could win:

NOTE: To be eligible to win, you must 1) be a resident of Canada, excluding Quebec, and 2) have RSVP'd for the party, which you can do right below.

RSVP for the #DamivaTalks Twitter Party:

This contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered! Winners will be contacted via email.

Beauty Editor plus Damiva

This post was sponsored by Damiva. See you at the party!