Is Your Man One of the 72% Who Have Junkface?

Neutrogena's #StopJunkface campaign is a mission we can ALL get behind
Michelle Villett
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Neutrogena's #StopJunkface campaign is a mission we can ALL get behind

Guys are gross. Can we all agree on that here?

Because this stat—that 72 percent of men admit to using the same bar of soap to clean their junk and their face—is pretty freakin' grody.

Hence, the word Junkface. A blatant act of cross-contamination.

Did you even know this was happening? Me neither. I guess I'm so wrapped up in my own complex and ever-evolving beauty regimens that I hadn't stopped to consider just how stripped-down men's are. For example, I probably use 37 beauty products. Men use one. Like literally, one. Everywhere.

We really have to thank the people at Neutrogena for stepping in on this important issue. (I'm being serious: their Ipsos Reid survey of 1,400 Canadian men also found that 38 percent of women would consider not marrying a guy with Junkface... so it matters.)

In probably the most brilliant beauty campaign I've seen in my time, they've set up a hashtag (#stopjunkface) and a website ( to help spread the word. Send every male there that you know.

There are many LOLs to be had on that site, but I'll just share the video here:

And the product they recommend is Neutrogena Men Invigorating Face Wash:

Neutrogena Men Invigorating Face Wash

Clinically proven to cure Junkface by 100 percent—ha!

And remember... unless you've had the conversation about Junkface, a man's bar of soap is one item that should NOT be borrowed!

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