Christina Applegate, Before and After

The beauty evolution of the Anchorman and Married With Children star, after three decades (!!) in the Hollywood spotlight
Michelle Villett
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The beauty evolution of the Anchorman and Married With Children star, after three decades (!!) in the Hollywood spotlight
Christina Applegate before and after

It's been a while since I've done a Before & After! But when I saw a picture of Christina Applegate at the Critics' Choice TV Awards last month, I made an immediate mental note—she was for sure going be the next subject.

First, let me preface this by saying I am a Christina Applegate fan. Truly, I think she is beautiful and smart and hilarious. How many actresses have been working steadily (with A-list name recognition) since the 1980s?? The sitcom Married With Children started in 1987, when she was just 16 years old. She's 42 now, so she's been famous for nearly three decades—the majority of her life!

I also think it's tremendously admirable that Christina both survived and went public with her battle with breast cancer and her double mastectomy, in 2008. I can't even imagine how hard that would be.

And so if injecting stuff into her lips makes her feel better, then by all means, she should go for it.

I just wish she wouldn't. Let's examine her beauty evolution and see...

First, here's her claim to fame, Kelly Bundy circa sometime in the late '80s or early '90s.

Christina Applegate, Married With Children, 1980s

It's kind of hilarious how this is in style now! Well, maybe not with hair this fried-looking. But that swooping height at the part is so close to the style I've been talking about lately (like here on Nina Agdal), and her brows are amazing. Also note the matte lipstick and long almond nails! All very cool.

When I found this next one (circa 1988), how could I not share??

Christina Applegate and Brad Pitt, 1988

That Brad Pitt, he gets around! I think one of the problems with '80s hair and makeup is that it lacked polish. Again we have the crispy hair texture, and to a 2014 eye, her skin is lacking the perfected look we're used to seeing now.

I love this next look, though, from 1990:

Christina Applegate, 1990

I always wondered if Christina used to have good brows... and she did! These could use a little tidy, but the fans and the straight shape were so good! Like Olivia Wilde, I'll bet she regrets massacring them. I also find the rusty eyeshadow interesting—did people really do that back then? If so, everything old is new again, because the shadow-up-to-the-brows was a big look we've talked about with Emma Stone. Not crazy about the lipstick, but take note of her lip shape, because we'll be addressing that soon.

Here's another vintage pic, this time from 1992 (age 21):

Christina Applegate, Golden Globe Awards, 1992

It's the "poodle look" hairstyle! Not feeling it (nor the wispy bangs). Also, I had no idea she was ever not blonde. Aren't you thankful we don't have to wear lipsticks this colour? Growing up, I remember thinking how awful the brown makeup was, and I didn't want to grow up and be a "lady" if that's what I'd have to wear!

Thankfully, by 2000, the palette was lightening up:

Christina Applegate, Hollywood Makeup Artist & Hairstylist Guild Awards, 2000

Christina looks pretty here, although I swear that's probably still MAC Twig rearing its muddy matte head. I feel like she might've been drawing outside the lip lines as well? (Probably with the other '90s MAC must-have, Spice Lip Pencil.) Also, it's the first appearance of the skinny brows. She really went to town on them!

Next is a pic from the Anchorman premiere in 2004:

Christina Applegate, Anchorman premiere, 2004

Bronzey, glowy gorgeousness. Christina was 32 here. I love her look—and her naturally thin lips are fine with me!

By 2007, I still don't think anything had changed:

Christina Applegate, American Music Awards, 2007

This was right before her breast cancer diagnosis, and I find it interesting that she's basically lost the outer part of her eyebrows. (That's a hypothyroidism symptom, which is a major cause of breast cancer. I'm wondering if she's ever been treated for that... from the state of her brows up until today, it doesn't appear so.) Anyway, I still think she looks good here. Love her hair especially!

This is from the SAG Awards in 2009:

Christina Applegate, SAG Awards, 2009

I'm astounded by how well she looks considering what she'd just gone through in the six months prior to this. Great hair and pretty makeup!

Next is the Cats & Dogs premiere in 2010:

Christina Applegate, Cats & Dogs premiere, 2010

Christina was 38 here, which is around the age when women usually start to dabble in the injectables. I'm thinking a bit of Restylane in the cheeks and lips—although it's hard to tell because she's pursing them—and some Botox in the forehead. I think it's fine.

But by 2012, clearly things are starting to go in the wrong direction:

Christina Applegate, An Evening With Up All Night, 2012

Her lips look puffy to me, and isn't it weird how the lip colour can't stay on them properly? Or at least I hope it's from injections and not her way of faking a fuller lip. Pro tip: drawing outside the lines doesn't work when you use a gloss. I'm also wondering about the makeup. Christina must really love the combo of purple shimmer shadow at the inner corners with a reddish lip, because she also wore it two photos up, at the 2009 SAGs. Would've looked much better with a lighter touch.

Okay, now brace yourselves for the 2013 edition:

Christina Applegate, Anchorman 2 premiere, 2013

Oh my goodness. It's almost heartbreaking, right? Putting the stuff in her lips makes them look so much worse than they ever did just normal and thin. I don't get the problem with thin lips? Also, this drawing outside the lip line really has to stop. It's not fooling anybody. Other than that, this could've been a super-pretty look, since I love the idea of the updo with black liner and matte pink lipstick. Oh well...

And that brings us to the present. The final shot is from 2014, at the aforementioned Critics' Choice TV Awards:

Christina Applegate, Critics' Choice TV Awards 2014

Things have gone south, fast. Is she now relegated to making this baby duck face as her new perma-expression? Why would anyone use injections if this is what you get as the result? (And if not, then surely someone with her bank account and access could find a better injector.) I'm also concerned about her skin texture, which seems to have changed for the worse in the last two years—and I think is magnified by the heavy spray tan here. Maybe Christina should take the money she's spending on Botox and Restylane, and invest it in lasers and facials instead?

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