What is the Best Way To Grow Back Your Eyebrows?

"I'm hoping you can offer advice for those of us who made the mistake of over-plucking our brows a while back."
Michelle Villett
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"I'm hoping you can offer advice for those of us who made the mistake of over-plucking our brows a while back."
Angelina Jolie, Golden Globe Awards, 2002

Angelina Jolie's over-plucked brows.

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Q: Hi there, I recently discovered your blog and it's one of the most helpful, well-written and well-designed beauty blogs that I've found. I noticed you are not a fan of the pencil-thin nineties eyebrow. Full brows have been in for a while, and I'm hoping you can offer advice for those of us who may have made the mistake of over-plucking our brows a while back, or who naturally have a thin/sparse brow line. 

How does one grow back their eyebrows? Unlike the hair on our head, brows don't grow back as quickly. I also wish someone warned me when I was a teen in the '90s to not over-pluck my brows. I'm in my 30s, and my brows are STILL not quite back to what they once were.

I read somewhere that in order to get your brows back, you should not pluck them, at all, for a year. If that's the case, then I'm fine with having messy brows for a full year and then paying a pro to clean them up!

Any good non-prescription serums out there to speed hair growth? I just bought Lash Accelerator Serum from Rimmel and have only been using it for three weeks on my brows, so it's too early to see results. The only other serum I have tried was Physicians Formula's lash-boosting serum, which was a waste of money for me. Thanks so much! — Haka

A: Excellent, questions, Haka! For all things brow-related, I trust Mary Dang of Eye Love Brow & Beauty Bar in Toronto. She is ONLY person who touches my eyebrows now! So I've asked her to answer your questions... over to you, Mary!

Mary Dang

Brow expert Mary Dang of Eye Love Brow & Beauty Bar.

Be patient

Each person has a different grow rate. It may seem like it is taking a long time to grow out your brows, but be patient. They will eventually grow in—your eyebrow follicles just need to be reminded to grow hair, and the best way to do that is not to pull any out.

So if you are planning to grow in your eyebrows, then actually let them grow in. It can take three to six months, even a year, for slow-growing brows.

Brush your brows

There are a lot of growth serums on the market that are effective, however, I haven't used any of them personally. Some of my clients have seen results. Three weeks is too soon to tell if the product is working; give it eight weeks.

One strange thing my clients have noticed with growth serums is that your eyebrow hairs grow long! Plus, if you stop using a growth serum, then your brows will revert back to their original size... so be wary.

Instead, try increasing your Omega intake and brushing your brows to encourage and stimulate natural hair growth.

See a pro

After three to six months of growing in your eyebrows, seek out a professional to establish a proper shape for your face. This will keep you on the right track; you should have maintenance visits every two months. 

If you are maintaining your brows yourself, don't be over-eager and tweeze too close to the brow line. 

I hope that helps!

Mary Dang is one of Canada's top brow experts and the owner of Eye Love Brow & Beauty Bar at 793 Queen Street West (2nd Floor) in Toronto.