Is Baby Foot the Weirdest, Grossest—But Best Beauty Product EVER?

Plus a crazy-cool trick for beachy waves and micro-needling for better skin.
Michelle Villett
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Plus a crazy-cool trick for beachy waves and micro-needling for better skin.

Welcome to your weekend beauty reading…

Baby Foot Is Weird, Gross, And The Best Thing EVER

Baby Foot review

Have you heard of this thing called Baby Foot? OMGOMGOMG. I must own it. My friend Julia at Canadian Living first told me about it—Baby Foot is an intense peel that makes your feet shed layers of rough skin and calluses, literally like a snake, to reveal "baby" feet. After reading this review, I am grossest out in the best possible way. Ordering now... {Refinery29}

We Guarantee You Haven't Seen This Pasta-Related Trick For Getting Beachy Waves

Fork trick for beachy waves

The irony of beachy waves is that they're not supposed to look like you tried too hard, and yet they usually require multiple products and heat tools. Annoying! So I love this creative hack from Oscar Blandi—that the author swears worked way better than the ol' scrunching with salt spray. {Fashionista}

Micro-Needling: The Newest Way To Fix All Your Skin Issues?


How do you feel about poking your face with hundreds of tiny needles? If you're anything like me, that doesn't even faze you. Anything in the quest for better skin, right? Micro-needling could be the answer to wrinkles, pigmentation, acne scars and other skin concerns. {Byrdie}

Create a New Signature Scent With Perfumes You Already Own

Layering fragrances

Do you layer your scents? This is a really comprehensive guide to the whole process, and now I'm super-inspired to go play fragrance chemist and start mixing and matching the stuff in my collection. {YouBeauty}

Everything You (and Your Eyelashes) Ever Wanted to Know About Latisse


Have you ever tried Latisse? Lately, I'm thinking about getting back on that wagon because MAN does it ever work wonders. (My mom's been using it lately and she's got eyelashes for days.) I learned a few new tips from the doc quoted in this article. {Allure}

The Top 8 Beauty Blogs To Bookmark Now

Best beauty blogs

Honoured to be on this list of their beauty 'besties'—Beauty Editor is in great company! {The Luxe Life}