Prepare To Be Obsessed with Olga Kurylenko's New Hair

Come see what a difference a fringe and warmer colour can make!
Michelle Villett
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Come see what a difference a fringe and warmer colour can make!
Olga Kurylenko, The November Man premiere (2)

Olga Kurylenko was out promoting The November Man recently, with her co-star Pierce Brosnan, and I totally did a double-take when I saw the photos.

No, not because of Pierce—although clearly he's still got it at age 61! And not because of Olga's perfect, midi-length navy Michael van der Ham dress with matching delicate strappy sandals. (Both of which I love... before she got into acting, the 34-year-old used to be a model.)

No, I'm excited about these pics because she changed her hair! Check out the gorgeousness:

Olga Kurylenko, The November Man premiere (1)

New bangs, first of all, and aren't they spectacular ones? As you know, I've had a big bang obsession as of late, and Olga here is proof of their transformative powers.

I love how her bangs were cut: just the right thickness and falling slightly above eyebrow-level to bring out her eyes, with longer pieces framing her face on either side. The bangs feel a bit casual and give her a much cuter, more approachable vibe. Such a doll!

Just compare this to her most recent appearance on this blog, from the 2014 Academy Awards:

Olga Kurylenko, Academy Awards 2014

Obviously a stunner either way, but I think the bangs really take her style to the next level. Now, I'm noticing Olga's features more instead of scrolling past just another pretty, generic model face.

The other detail that's changed is her hair colour, from a dark brown to a slightly warmer, lighter tone. Whereas her skin tone looked perhaps a bit sallow before, the new reddish-brown colour makes it absolutely glow!

Olga Kurylenko, The November Man premiere (3)

Are you feeling inspired? I know I am! Sometimes it's the baby beauty changes—like playing with bangs or a new tone—that can make all the difference in the world.

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