Will "Skin Finishers" Be the Next Big Skincare Trend From Korea?

Plus how to do a flip manicure and what's inside makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift's kit
Michelle Villett
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Plus how to do a flip manicure and what's inside makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift's kit

Welcome to your weekend beauty reading…

Skin Finishers: The New Korean Beauty Import

Sulwhasoo Luminate Essential Finisher

BB creams, CC creams, cushion compacts... all arrived in North America by way of Korea, where they sure know a thing or two about beauty innovation. The latest thang is "skin finishing"—a new category of products that go on after serums, moisturizers and sunscreen, and give skin a more even, luminous effect. WANT. {Allure}

Flip Manicures, The Crazy New Nail Trend We Can't Wait To Try

Flip manicure

Painting the top of your fingernails is so 2013. Apparently, it's now all about the flip side—hence the name "flip manicure" (or reverse manicure). What will these crazy kids think of next? {The Huffington Post}

In Her Kit: RMS Beauty’s Rose-Marie Swift

Rose-Marie Swift beauty picks

Celebs and beauty editors alike (including moi) love RMS Beauty, the all-natural makeup line created by makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift. Here, she reveals which products are in her kit, and why. {The Kit}

Instantly Add Volume and Length to Your Hair with Our Easy Extensions GIF Tutorial!

Clip on extensions tutorial

Ever wondered how every celeb seems to have this out-of-this-world thick, full, voluminous hair? Chances are, it's not real—and this is their exact secret. {InStyle}

Poking Your Face With Tiny Needles Can Make Your Skin Look Amazing


Have you heard of "dermarolling" or micro-needling? Sounds scary—yes, you actually roll what looks like a spiky Medieval torture device across your face—but the results are mighty compelling. {Refinery29}