The Bare But Bold Makeup at Alexander Wang Spring 2015

It's all about sculpting and highlighting.
Michelle Villett
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It's all about sculpting and highlighting.
Alexander Wang Spring 2015 makeup

I can't say I'd want to meet these models in a dark alley anytime soon—but I can still appreciate the cool, no-nonsense beauty look Diane Kendal created at the Alexander Wang Spring 2015 show.

"Strong and energetic," is how the makeup artist described it. "The look is clean, with moisturized skin paired with accentuated highlighting and contouring to bring out the strength of the girl’s features.”

She used all NARS products on the models.

Alexander Wang Spring 2015 makeup

Get the Look

1. Prep the skin with Luminous Moisture Cream and Optimal Brightening Concentrate.

2. Conceal dark areas and blemishes with Radiant Creamy Concealer, and then create illuminated skin with Sheer Glow Foundation.

3. Sculpt the cheeks with the Matte Multiple in Cappadoce and highlight with the left side of Craving Dual-Intensity Blush (new for spring 2015; for now try The Multiple in Copacabana).

4. Define and highlight the eyes with Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in Via Appia, Eye Paint in Iskandar, the Matte Multiple in Cappadoce and The Multiple in South Beach.

5. Leave the lips bare.

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