The Metallic Star Appliqués at A Détacher Spring 2015

Gettin' all starry-eyed.
Michelle Villett
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Gettin' all starry-eyed.
A Detacher Spring 2015 makeup

For the makeup look at New York Fashion Week, A Détacher reached for the stars.

Literally. The models had tiny stars of varying sizes affixed underneath their eyes—pretty much like the ones you probably stuck on your notebooks or bedroom walls as a kid.

And who knew it could be so freakin' pretty?!

A Detacher Spring 2015 makeup

The rest of the makeup was virtually invisible. Just perfected skin, mascara-less lashes and natural lips and brows, to let the stars take all the attention.

A Detacher Spring 2015 makeup

The look was created by a team from Shiseido Japan, so I unfortunately haven't any details on the products used. But the fact that they came in from Japan sorta explains why this is so fantastic. It's creative and beautiful all at once, and would be perfect for a special party look.