Smize! Tyra Banks Just Launched Her Own Makeup Line

This week's biggest beauty news.
Michelle Villett
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This week's biggest beauty news.

Tyra Banks Launches Cosmetics Line, Still Insists She Went to Harvard

Tyra Banks beauty line

Smize, girl!

Supermodel Tyra Banks has just launched TYRA Beauty, a makeup collection that focuses on three areas: 'TYover' (stick-based products), 'It Factory' (runway-inspired products), and 'Smize' (eye makeup). That last one makes me so happy. Also, she might not have technically "gone to Harvard." {Jezebel}

Suki Waterhouse's Colorist Tells Us How She Went From Blonde to 'French Brown'

Suki Waterhouse brunette

So this is what 'French brown' looks like.

In other model news, Suki Waterhouse—whose blonde hair/dark brow combo I've been so envious of these last few months—has gone over to the dark side. Le sob. But this technique DOES sound kinda cool. {Fashionista}

This App Claims It Can Stop Your Acne

Spruce acne app

Could a $40 app help your acne?

Wish you could figure out why you're getting acne? There's an app for that. No, really—with Spruce, you send in your selfies and 24 hours later get a treatment plan and prescription from a real dermatologist. But it'll cost you $40. {The Cut}

The DIY Eyelift Hits Japan

Eyelid tape before and after

Not surgery—just sticky tape!

'Double eyelid' surgery has been huge in Japan, but now teens are on to a way cheaper alternative. (WAY cheaper.) They're cutting up sticky tape to fake the effect instantly. Could tape for other feature changes be far off? {Daily Mail}

The Beauty Humblebrags We're All Guilty of Saying

Beauty humblebrags

"My eyelashes are too long, they're annoying."

Are you a beauty humblebragger—or do you know someone who is? We can all identify with at least one or more of these GIFs, featuring those poor people who don't have any body hair (SUCH a problem!) or whose hair grows "too fast" (poor things!). {The Gloss}

The Very Best Eyeliners According to a Goth with High Standards

Best Goth eyeliners

Eyeliner picks from a Goth would who know.

Whatever you may think of the Goth community, one thing's for sure—they know their eyeliner. Happy to see that my beloved Urban Decay 24/7 made this list, along with tons of other options. {xoJane}