Watch These Men Get Bikini Waxes (and Act Like Babies)

Welcome to our world, guys.
Michelle Villett
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Welcome to our world, guys.

File this one under "too good not to share".

Thanks to the folks at Buzzfeed, we already watched a video where a bunch of guys tried makeup for the first time (and hated it). 

Now, there's a new vid out where some dudes get to experience—wait for it—full-fledged Brazilian bikini waxing. Yep, including the butt and everything. 

Poor things, they had NO idea what they were getting into:

(How awesome was their waxer lady, by the way? "Can I get a dragon?" "Ah, no...")

Also, this guy. His 1:37 "Ariana Grande" reaction got its own GIF:

Ariana Grande bikini wax

Well, at least they have a new appreciation/respect for what happens during our mysterious bikini waxing sessions. Now, let's see how they deal with ingrowns....