Behind the Scenes at My Very First Beauty Press Trip to New York!

Viviscal took me to the Big Apple, and I never, ever wanted to leave.
Natacha Medeiros
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Viviscal took me to the Big Apple, and I never, ever wanted to leave.
Viviscal event NYC window

The Viviscal event in New York City.

It was a totally normal Thursday for me, sitting at work and scrolling through Instagram (I have a problem) when an email from Michelle came in. It was titled, "URGENT: NYC Opportunity Next Week," so naturally, my heart started pounding and I scrambled to get it open. 

At first glance, I thought her email had been hacked. The chance to fly to New York City for a beauty press trip? I thought I was being Punk'd by someone who knew my eternal love for the Big Apple. These types of events are usually super-exclusive, reserved only for major magazine editors and media (a.k.a. Michelle. Have you read about that time she went to Paris? Yeah.).

But as the words all made sense (I mean, it really did sound like Michelle), I got geared up and extra-excited to go learn about all things Viviscal—the company on the other end of the invite. Not familiar with them? Viviscal is a natural dietary supplement that helps support healthy hair from within by nourishing and supporting the hair follicles with vitamins and minerals. (You can check out Katrina's review here!)

Now here's a look into my short, but oh-so-sweet trip to the Big Apple. Stay tuned for part two, where I'll share all the awesome tips I learned about healthy hair along the way.

Day One

I don't mind flying, so I was super-excited for my afternoon flight leaving from Montreal. I was going to New York, after all, so it was hard not to be giddy. As all the other press trip attendees were leaving from Toronto, I was getting on this flight solo with only Ariana Grande and Ed Sheeran to accompany me. 

After hopping off the plane a mere hour later, I was in the Big Apple! A car service was arranged to pick me up and drop me off at the hotel (I felt very Beyoncé). By 5 p.m., I was at the gorgeous Hudson Hotel right in Midtown, only steps away from Central Park and Columbus Circle, and where celebs like Bradley Cooper and Olivia Munn happen to cozy up to the bar.

Hudson Hotel lobby

Am I in a NYC hotel or the chicest garden ever? Maybe both?

I was greeted in my hotel room with cupcakes from the lovely people at Viviscal. They were from Magnolia Bakery, too! The inner Carrie Bradshaw in me was squealing.

Magnolia Bakery cupcakes

Magnolia cupcakes—is there anything better?

After resting for a few hours and gazing out my window (dreaming up a way I could stay in New York forever), it was time for a yummy dinner at Spice Market with the Viviscal team and a few other invited guests. We were all a little too excited to eat—taking pictures didn't even cross our minds—but trust me, we ate our way into a food coma.

Our ride back to the hotel happened to be in a limo. (Only in NYC, right? A limo driver caught us leaving the restaurant and persuaded us to use his service rather than a taxi. It worked!) As we drove through the city streets, I desperately tried to catch glimpses of the Empire State Building. I’m such a tourist. 

Day Two

We were on our own for breakfast, so I found the closest Dunkin' Donuts, which was down-the-block close, and made a run for it. I was starved, it was raining, and I didn't think a leftover cupcake first thing in the morning would be the most balanced breakfast. So egg sandwich, hash browns and iced coffee it was. Not going to lie, I felt SO New York walking back to the hotel. (Until I actually got to the the hotel, of course. I don't live in New York, yet.)

After scarfing down my breakfast, I met a couple of the other editors downstairs and we were ushered off to the swanky Loews Regency Hotel for the Viviscal event. (You can bet I was sneaking peeks of Fifth Avenue along the way!) 

Viviscal event NYC window

Viviscal and a view.

Before the presentation kicked off, we waited in another room where we were greeted by the prettiest flowers, EVER. We also had fresh fruit and the most yummy cucumber water I've ever tasted. 

Viviscal flowers

So pretty, right?

Then it was time for the big event. Our group got to sit down with Dr. Steven Dayan, a facial plastic surgeon, and Joy Bauer, a nutrition and health expert. They both gave us insight into healthy hair, hair loss and the benefits of Viviscal. 

Don't worry—you'll get all their insider tips in part two!

Dr. Steven Dayan Viviscal event

Dr. Steven Dayan giving us his medical perspective.

Joy Bauer Viviscal event

Joy Bauer teaching us about eating for healthy hair.

We were also lucky enough to sample some snacks that Joy prepared especially for the event: 

Joy Bauer Viviscal event

Joy Bauer prepared those just for us!

She whipped up some berry and jam muffins, and her "pretty potion", a blend of spinach, chia seeds, mixed berries, banana, almond milk and ice. They tasted so good, you'd never guess how healthy they were!

Joy Bauer snacks Viviscal event

Joy Bauer's super-healthy and super-delicious snacks.

After a question and answer period, we got gifted with some pretty neat swag bags, which included a six-month supply of Viviscal, Dr. Dayan's latest book, Subliminally Exposed, and some of Joy's healthy recipes. 

Viviscal swag bags

Our swag bags. How lucky were we?

Once we were done getting schooled about nutrition, we were off for a little pampering at the Julien Farel Salon. I was treated to a blowout by Dawn, who did a mighty fine job if you ask me. 

Of course, I had to Google the place—and discovered that none other than Olivia Palermo gets her hair done here. She is, like, my style ICON. And! And! Julien Farel himself has worked on the likes of Kate Moss, American Ferrera and Lea Michelle. So cool. 

Julien Farel salon blowout

My blowout by Dawn at Julien Farel.

(Yes, this photo was taken in the bathroom, because I was not going to snap a selfie in the same salon that Olivia Palermo goes to. Still can't believe Olivia Palermo goes here!!!)

Right after getting our hair done, we went back to the hotel. I was hoping to sneak in some shopping, but there was just no time—the car taking me back to the airport was there just minutes after we got to the hotel. So, I said my goodbyes to the lovely public relations girls who set this all up, as well as the other invited guests I shared the experience with. 

I got to the airport, ate a massive (and delicious) Auntie Annie's pretzel at the gate while some guy gawked at me stuffing my face, and held my tears back as I saw the city's skyline get smaller and smaller in the airplane window. Okay, not really... but, I seriously did not want to leave. Best. Press trip. Ever. 

New York skyline

Bye-bye, NYC. ♥

So that's a wrap! Don't miss part two of my trip with Viviscal next week, when I'll be sharing all the insider tips and tricks I learned about healthy hair. Stay tuned!

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