Dyed Armpit Hair is Now a Thing

This week's biggest beauty news.
Michelle Villett
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This week's biggest beauty news.

Bizarre New Beauty Trend Sees Women Coloring Their ARMPIT Hair Before Sharing the Results on Instagram

Dyed pit hair

The rainbow hair colour trend moves to the armpits.

So here's a new place to add a "pop of colour": your underarms! Apparently, there's an entire community of women devoted to not only growing out their armpit hair, but also tinting it in bright colours. Imma gonna sit this one out. {Daily Mail}

Ageless Actor Rob Lowe Is Launching a Skincare Line for Men!

Rob Lowe skincare line

Rob Lowe is launching Profile Performance Men’s Grooming next year.

Hot on the heels of the news that Christie Brinkley is launching an anti-aging skincare line, now there's word that Rob Lowe is doing the same—except his range will be for men. Given that he's Christie's male equivalent in terms of agelessness, this makes total sense. Profile Performance Men’s Grooming will launch next year. {InStyle}

Halle Berry Sues Over Straightening Of Daughter's Hair

Halle Berry lawsuit natural hair

Halle Berry is suing over straightening and highlighting.

Halle Berry is taking her ex, Gabriel Aubrey, to court over their daughter's hair. She claims that he's trying to make Nahla "look white" by straightening and highlighting her naturally curly strands. How is this even happening on a six-year-old?! {Refinery29}

Sorry, Lobs: The Wob is the New Must-Have Haircut 

Jennifer Lawrence wavy bob

Jennifer Lawrence's wavy bob, or "wob" for short.

I am SO stealing this new word—the "wob," short for wavy bob. And have you noticed? It's the new hairstyle of choice for Jennifer Lawrence, Lauren Conrad, Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss, totally replacing the "lob" (long bob). {Allure}

Robert Pattinson’s Landing-Strip Haircut

Robert Pattinson landing strip

Why is there a landing strip on the back of Robert Pattinson's head?

I knew Robert Pattinson's new haircut reminding me of something. I'm just not sure why there's a bikini waxing pattern on the back of his head. He's effing with us, obviously. {The Cut}