Lea Michele is Having an Eyebrow Situation

Maybe this whole "bold brows" trend has gone too far.
Michelle Villett
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Maybe this whole "bold brows" trend has gone too far.
Lea Michele, Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment Breakfast, 2014

Lea Michele at The Hollywood Reporter's 2014 Women in Entertainment Breakfast.

I will be the first to admit that I jumped straight onto the bold brow bandwagon. I jumped on it fast, and I jumped on it HARD.

And I'm still into big brows, for the most part. I mean, they're 1,000 times better and more flattering than the skinny, rounded, aging Pamela Anderson-style arches of the '90s. (Or even worse, Drew Barrymore's. Go look here.) 

It's also very freeing not to be obsessing about every stray hair in between brow-lady appointments, which I now space out a (previously unheard-of) eight weeks, to ensure they're never over-shaped.

But that being said... I'm wondering if some people are just meant to sit this one out.

 People like our friend Lea Michele:

Lea Michele, Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment Breakfast, 2014

Lea Michele's massively thick, dark, full eyebrows.

There are "bold" brows... and then there are these ones. Who knew they were lurking underneath her bangs all this time? I am friggin' mesmerized here.

And not in a good way. For the first time, I am forced to re-think my eyebrow philosophy. Do some people actually look BETTER with skinny brows?

According to Michael at DListed (who, too, was perplexed by these photos), hellz yeah:

"Somewhere in The Constitution it needs to say that unless you’re born with big, Groucho Marx-like statement brows, they’re a privilege, not a right."

This made me LOL, but then I went back and examined the photo again, and I think the problem is that she WAS born with these brows. They've just been permitted to go too wild and free lately, and THAT is the issue. 

Statement brows ARE a privilege, and not all of us are entitled to them. 

So then I had to go back and see if Lea always had this eyebrow situation. Did I somehow miss them all these years? 

Lea Michele, People's Choice Awards 2010

Lea Michele at the 2010 People's Choice Awards.

Nope. Above, in 2010, her brows were dramatically skinnier and precisely shaped. I'm not a fan of the trimmed fans, or the skinny, shortened tails. But at least you notice her eyes here first.

Lea Michele, SAG Awards 2011

Lea Michele at the 2011 SAG Awards.

Then we have this 2011 photo, where I think her brows were looking fairly decent. Fuller than before, and the tails are growing back. We still have the trimmed weirdness, but it's not as dramatic. 

After that, she had bangs for ages, so it was impossible to tell. The next good shot of her brows I could find is from last year:

Lea Michele, ELLE Women in Hollywood Celebration, 2013

Lea Michele at the 2013 ELLE Women in Hollywood Celebration.

And these are good, I think. Still full, but not distractingly so. Obviously her brow person managed to thin them out so there's not so much hair, and the edges are quite tidy.

Compare and contrast:

Lea Michele, Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment Breakfast, 2014

Lea Michele's brows are making a statement, but is it a good one?

So here are my theories. I think thick brows might work better when your skin and hair colours aren't that far apart—so the contrast of all that hair against skin isn't as jarring, like it is on Lea.

Also, if you have a ton of hair to work with, then yes, a tidy-up is most likely required. Very few people can get away with completely un-groomed and natural brows. And usually they are models. Sad beauty fact: the better-looking you are, the less your messy brows will matter. Just look at Lily Collins! She is adorable, but I'm pretty sure most of us would come across like ragamuffins if we left all those scraggly bits.

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What do you make of Lea's brow sitch here? Do you have any bold brow theories? When do they work—and when don't they?