Is There a Way To Make Long Hair More Manageable?

"My hair is such a tangled mess, I can barely get my brush through it."
Bill Angst
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"My hair is such a tangled mess, I can barely get my brush through it."
How to make long hair more manageable

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Q: Hi Billy! I have been reading through the other consultations and I love your suggestions! I have very long hair with layers that are completely grown out to a single length. I can't style my hair in anything but a ponytail, and it's too long for a bun. 

Hair consultation - Maria

Maria's long, one-length hairstyle.

I hate the faded-out brown colour at the top, but the nearly black colour at the bottom won't fade at all. I can't decide if I should go lighter or darker. My biggest problem is that it is such a tangled mess, I can barely get my brush through it. I would really appreciate your help! — Maria

Hair consultation - Maria

Maria finds her tangles impossible to manage.

A: Maria, when anyone's hair reaches this length and magnitude, it turns into a hair blanket. Not a bad look if you cherish it and treat it well…

My first course of action for you would be to cut a lot of layers into your long hair. This will cut off all the dark ends and re-balance your hair for a more modern look. 

I would also add a thicker bang into the mix. Doing all of this will diffuse the weight of the hair. This will allow to your hair to fall where it wants to, instead of being a part of a mass—so less tangling. The layers will also help make buns and ponies more interesting.

Tamara Camille hairstyle

Long, layered hairstyle with bangs.

With your skin and eye colour, I feel that you look great with most colours. This choice is with your own colour as a base and adding rich chocolate lowlights:

Jennifer Love Hewitt, The Spongebob SquarePants Movie premiere, 2004

Jennifer Love Hewitt at the 2004 premiere of 'The Spongebob SquarePants Movie'.

The depth will show off your new layers. I have a feeling that this shade of colour, length of the cut and the side part and fringe would be a super-fresh spring look for you. Framed like this, your eyes will pop this...

I also like the makeup choices in the photos for both of the new hair colours.


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