Lisa Eldridge is Lancôme's New Makeup Creative Director

Finally, a pairing that makes sense!
Michelle Villett
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Finally, a pairing that makes sense!
Lisa Eldridge for Lancome

Lisa Eldridge is Lancôme's new makeup creative director.

Major score for Lancôme! They've just nabbed Lisa Eldridge as their new global makeup creative director!

And who isn't a Lisa Eldridge fan? Amazing tutorials, impeccable taste and that soothing voice—I just love her. As a makeup artist, she has worked with celebs like Keira Knightley and Kate Winslet, and her popular YouTube channel has amassed more than 1 million followers. Prior to this new position with Lancôme, she worked with Chanel and Boots No. 7, and has done countless photo shoots, fashion shows and advertising campaigns.

In her new role, Lisa will have a makeup studio in Paris (OMG) and will be involved in creating new Lancôme collections, shades, formulas and products, as well as posting online content.

Here's her video announcement:

I think that Lisa has a lot of integrity—heck, her YouTube isn't even monetized—so it's great that her videos and social media won't change at all in terms of including and recommending other brands.

I for one am happy to see a joining of forces that actually makes sense for the audience, unlike Estée Lauder's blatant grab at younger followers with the Kendall Jenner thing. 

Lisa is mature, has legit experience and embodies who I see as the Lancôme customer (except, well, cooler). I think she'll do GREAT things for this brand. 

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