What is the Best Way To Put Colourful Streaks in Dark Hair?

"I was thinking about pink or blue."
Tony Chaar
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"I was thinking about pink or blue."
Peter Som Spring 2013 hair

The colourful streaks at Peter Som Spring 2013.

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Q: I want to get streaks in my hair... I was thinking about pink or blue. I have straight, dark brown hair that sometimes looks black but is reddish-brown in the sun. I'm Asian (Korean) and I don't have a golden skin tone—it's more white. What do you think? What product should I use and how do I do it? — Rebecca

A: Rebecca, I would try this method at home:

Step 1: Choose random pieces of your hair and lift them with bleach and 40 volume developer. Put them in foils for about 30 minutes, and then rinse.

Step 2: There will be a lot of orange left after the lift. Once your hair is dry, repeat the same application again for another 20 minutes, on the same pieces. When you reach an almost pale blonde, then it is ready—so rinse those pieces out of the foil again. 

Step 3: Go for pink streaks. You can pick up a pink dye from beauty supply stores such as Cosmetic World in Toronto. Apply the dye to those same pieces that you lifted. Leave it on for 30 minutes only.

This look is very Nicki Minaj! I would do the pink for a month and then the second time, I would go for blue. I would play with both.

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