Gwen Stefani's Collaboration With Urban Decay, and More Beauty News

The biggest beauty stories this week.
Michelle Villett
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The biggest beauty stories this week.

Urban Decay Teams with Gwen Stefani for New Charity Initiative

Gwen Stefani Urban Decay

Gwen Stefani is helping promote Urban Decay's new charity initiative.

If you love Urban Decay's famous Primer Potion, now there's an even better reason to stock up. Gwen Stefani is the spokesperson for a new, limited-edition matte shade called Enigma, and 100 percent of the proceeds will go to charities such as the Women’s Global Empowerment Fund. {The Fashion Spot}

Your Tipsy Face Is Hottest After One Drink

Alcohol attractiveness

Now there's scientific evidence that one drink will increase your attractiveness.

A new study published in the 'Alcohol and Alcoholism' journal measured how attractiveness changes while drinking. The findings? You're the hottest after one drink (perhaps because alcohol dilates the pupils, encourages muscle relaxation and makes cheeks rosier). Sober faces were deemed the next most attractive, followed by those who had two drinks. {The Cut}

Smart Necklace Analyzes What Goes Down Your Throat

WearSens Necklace

The new WearSens necklace tracks your eating habits through throat vibrations.

Forget smart bracelets. Smart necklaces (a.k.a. choke collars) are the new frontier in health monitoring. The scary-looking WearSens measures throat vibrations to keep track of solid and liquid foods, hot and cold drinks and even smoking with 90 percent accuracy—and can be set to buzz at you when you miss a meal or consume something that's not allowed. {Popular Science}

Double-Masking Is The New Double-Cleansing

Double masking

Double masking is the art of applying different masks all at once.

The latest skincare buzzword is "double masking"—using two or three different types of masks simultaneously, depending on the needs of the different zones of your face. Think: a clay or charcoal mask on your T-zone to soak up oil, with a creamy mask on your neck and around the eyes to add hydration. {Refinery 29}

Pamela Anderson's New Haircut: A Bob With Bangs

Pamela Anderson bob haircut

Pamela Anderson before (left) and with her new bob haircut (right).

Pamela Anderson ditched her dated long locks for a sleek bob 'n' bangs. Amazing what a difference good hair can make, huh? {People StyleWatch}